It’s that time of the year when we have Starbucks PSLs and pie-scented candles up the wazoo. Not that we don’t love pumpkins! They’re a Halloween and harvest season staple for so many reasons, not least of which is that they make one heck of a jack-o’-lantern (just look at these Pumpkinsteins). But why not shake things up this season by exploring some other options in the produce aisle? These pumpkin alternatives all make creative and unique options for your spooky carvings.

Bell Peppers Carved

1. Bell Peppers: After you’re done carving your peppers (orange ones are the most legit), stuff ‘em and toss ‘em in the oven for a perfect All Hallow’s Eve dinner. (via Citron Limette)

Pineapples Carved

2. Pineapples: This is like the Halloween equivalent of decorating a palm tree at Christmas. (via Modcloth)


3. Zucchinis: Your Minecraft-loving kids are gonna flip their lids when they see how freaking cool these 8-ball zucchinis turn out. (via Alpha Mom)

carved-sweet-potatoes copy

4. Sweet Potatoes: Typically, jack-o’-lanterns are the ones that glow from the inside, but you’ll be the one glowing after demolishing these tasty oven-baked sweet potato chips. (via Guava Rose)

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 4.40.21 PM

5. Cookies: These cookie-o’-lanterns use canned pumpkin, so it’s basically inception. Once you’ve cut out the faces, dip the backsides onto some melted chocolate, and you now have the coolest dessert at the Halloween party. (via Diamonds for Dessert)


6. Turnips: Fun fact: Many Halloween traditions originated in Ireland. Not-so-fun fact: they used to make TOTALLY HORRIFYING jack-o’-lanterns out of turnips. (Don’t click if you ever want to sleep again.) These scary roots are exactly what your haunted house needs. (via Make:)

Tomato Carved

7. Tomatoes: Just like the stuffed peppers, these chicken salad stuffed tomatoes will look best if you use orange ones. Differently shaped heirloom tomatoes would also make a great autumnal display for your tablescape. (via Mom Endeavors)


8. Watermelons: If the summer weather is holding strong in your neck of the woods, then keep the watermelon train rolling by carving one up for Halloween. Even better, get super creative with some of these next-level carving display ideas. (via

Mushrooms-Carved-645x644 copy

9. Mushrooms: Shout out to Kat Dennings, not just for her mushroom carving skills, but also for her advanced punnery: “Lettuce admire the craftmanshitake that went intomato this.” (via @katdenningsss)

Oranges Carved

10. Oranges: While we admire the healthy eating values of this Halloween fruit cup, we’re probably just going to fill ours with candy. Pro tip: You CAN light these jack-o’-lanterns by turning them into candles! (via Intimate Weddings)


11. Squashes: We can just picture those Scream mask squash-o’-lanterns now. (via Good Housekeeping)

drilled_pumpkin_doorway copy

12. Decorative Gourds: Get out your power drill and start designing the chicest decorative gourds on the block. (via Buntwerkstatt)


13. Potatoes: Don’t fret when your potatoes start growing eyes. Just plan your carving accordingly, and voila! Your witchy potat-o’-lantern has a hairy mole. (via Instructables)

Have you ever carved a jack-o’-lantern out of something other than a pumpkin? What works and what doesn’t?

(Featured photo via Modcloth)