If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe for the New Year, then be sure to put a silk blouse at the top of your shopping list. A silk blouse can add a splash of class to any outfit — even one that starts with a simple pair of jeans. Admittedly, part of the sophistication that comes from wearing silk comes from its price tag. In other words, silk blouses aren’t cheap. Silk is a luxury fabric, after all.

What if we told you that we found the best silk blouse ever and that it costs less than $100? Before you say, “Bah Humbug,” hear us out.

In 2013, Madeline Veenstra, co-founder of online retailer Popbasic, started the year with two style resolutions: design a silk blouse collection and master the art of winged eyeliner. Veenstra spent the year working with one of the world’s top silk manufacturers to design a high-quality silk blouse that addresses three common problems with most silk blouses.

If you’re shy of sheer tops, then you may find silk blouses to be a bit tricky. Without the right undergarments, it’s easy to feel a little exposed. Popbasic’s silk blouse is made from a 16mm silk crepe that’s thicker than most silk blouses, so your unmentionables can stay out of public conversation.

If you’re a bustier babe, then you’re more than familiar with the struggle of the button down blouse that just won’t stay buttoned. Yep, we’re talking about the dreaded gape at your bust that forces you to tug at your top all day for the sake of maintaining decency. When we heard that Popbasic’s silk blouse features a concealed button at the bust for extra security, we were ready to buy one in every color.

Silk is usually in the #treatyoself category when it comes to style staples, but at $75, Popbasic’s silk blouse makes it incredibly affordable. According to Popbasic, a blouse of similar quality typically sells for over $250 at full retail price. We compared costs online (investigative reporting at its finest) and we have to agree: A high-quality silk blouse under $100 is hard to come by. The least expensive blouse we could find was $139, and it was on sale.

Popbasic’s silk blouse collection is currently available in three designs: Milk Silk, a solid off-white option; Strawberries + Cream, a fun print inspired by Veenstra’s love of strawberries and Liquourice, a solid black option that’s the newest addition to the collection.

From the massive success of Popbasic’s Kickstarter campaign (they more than tripled their goal of $20,000), it looks like the best silk blouse ever will be hanging in a closet near you very soon.

We’ll have to follow up with Veenstra to find out if she was able to master the art of winged eyeliner this year too. If she did, then she definitely had a very successful year.

Got a fashion “best” in your closet? What are your style resolutions for 2015? Let us know in the comments below.