Between hostess gifts acquired who knows when, our regular stock of go-to rosé, and those special bottles picked up at last year’s tasting trip with the girls, you could say that the wine storage section of our kitchen is threatening to take over. Luckily, small-space dwellers with a soft spot for wine o’clock are finding more and more clever ways to store those bottles on the sly. From thoughtful home hacks that take advantage of underutilized space to stylish-yet-simple wine racks, here are our favorite new ways to organize those bottles.

1. DIY Copper Pipe and Leather Wine Rack: Get the on-trend copper look for your home without venturing farther than the hardware store. Choose a shade of leather to match the rest of your decor. (via A Bubbly Life)

2. DIY Angular Shelf Storage: Open shelving gets a not-so-modular makeover with the help of an angled compartment that keeps bottles on their side *and* easily accessible. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

3. Under-Counter Island Cubbies: No kitchen island space goes to waste with this clever design detail. A small bank of cubbies creates a home for up to 14 bottles of vino without compromising on style. (via Contemporist)

4. Wooden Peg System: A dense concentration of wooden dowels creates near-limitless wine organization that also doubles as a modern minimalist accent. (via Artem Tiutiunnyk)

5.Small-Space Stack: Master the built-in look while ensuring that even the smallest spaces serve a purpose with a smart strip of vertical storage alongside the fridge. (via StyleCaster)

6. Hidden Kickdrawer: Not everything needs to be kept at eye level. Store your collection (or just the really good stuff) in an out-of-the-way drawer to utilize forgotten space. (via Feel Inspired Blog)

7. Herringbone Shelving: For those with a bit more room and a giant collection, angled shelves create a stunning focal point, whether they’re full or empty. (via Greige Design)

8. Recessed Open Wine Drawer: Another take on the wine drawer solution, this version uses a special recessed shape to keep each bottle securely in place. (via Harvey Jones Kitchens)

9. Contemporary Wine Cellar Staircase: Not loving the costly option of creating a full cellar under the stairs? This modified version uses only a thin sliver of space that results in a dramatic effect. (via Houzz)

10. DIY Hardware Pipe Wine Rack: It’s hard to believe this ultra-sleek booze solution consists of just PVC pipes, velcro, and spray paint. We’d love to try a metallic version as well. (via Martha Stewart)

11. All About the Wine Bottle Rack Console ($600): Ideal for an entryway or living room, this classic console has been retrofitted with plenty of cubbies to serve two functions at once.

12. Metal Plumbing Pipe Wine Rack: Here’s a high-shine alternative to the wooden dowel system that’s actually made from plumbing pipes spray painted in a variety of metallic shades. Suddenly found yourself with more bottles to store? This wine rack can grow with you. (via Rachael Ray Mag)

13. Sunken Wine Trough: If your kitchen is due for a makeover, think about adding a recessed beverage trough to your island. Not only is it great for entertaining, but it can be used to corral extra bottles when not in use. (via This Is Glamorous)

14. Minimalist Wine Anchor Strip: This floor-to-ceiling option has plenty of wine slots and a low-profile, minimal look we love. (via WoonHome)

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