If there’s one thing we love spending our time and effort on, it’s redecorating our homes. This time we’re focusing on quite possibly the cutest room in the house: the nursery. And sure, there are a lot of ways to change your baby’s space, but what happens when they outgrow those powder blue teddy bears? That’s where wall decals and murals come in handy. Not only do they add a fun touch to the nursery, but they’re perfect for commitment-phobes who love to change up their spaces often. Luckily for you (and your wee one), we’ve rounded up 14 creative decals and murals that every stylish baby needs in their space.


1. Mini Triangles ($35): Instead of a polka dot wall, try these triangle decals in a random pattern. It’ll be just as fun and easy to put them up as it will be to take ’em down.


2. ABCs ($60): It’s never too early to start teaching your little one how to read. With their fun illustrations and colors, these adorable wall stickers from The Lovely Wall are a great way to kick start any little reader.


3. Colorful Mountains ($44+): If you want an expansive and intricate nursery wall without the commitment, try a latex or vinyl wall mural like this whimsical-yet-majestic mountain print.


4. Pastel Hot Air Balloon Decal ($60): Bring a little pastel adventure into your little one’s room with these hot air balloon and cloud decals.

drawing mural

5. DIY Hand-Drawn Village: If you’re an artistic parent, hand-draw your kiddie a simple, adorable wall mural like this one. All it takes is a little creativity and some sharpies. (via Wehnerhein)


6. Gold Stars ($22): When you’re looking for the finishing touch to a pretty-in-pink nursery, gold star wall decals give just the right amount of sparkle without taking away from the color scheme.

height chart

7. Height Chart ($40): Once you put up this personalized height chart, there will be no need for the lazily scrawled pencil marks on the door jab to mark your growing baby’s height.

The Animal Print Shop Nursery

8. DIY Statement Wall: With just a pot of paint and some blue painter’s tape, even you can make this gorgeous statement wall a reality. The simple herringbone pattern pairs perfectly with a mix of modern and vintage furniture. (via View from the Fridge)

chalkboard moon

9. Chalkboard Wall + Moon: Chalkboard walls are the perfect way to leave the design of the nursery wall up to its little occupants. Luckily, a chalkboard wall is super easy to DIY, since all you need is a bit of chalkboard paint. (via RH Baby + Child)


10. Under the Sea ($85): Turn your kid’s room into an under-the-sea haven for mermaids and other sea creatures with these colorful decals. (via Bumoon)


11. DIY Mountain Range: With only four colors and an easy geometric shape, this DIY mountain mural will be the perfect weekend project for your baby’s nursery. (via Wills Casa)


12. Outer Space ($50): For your future astronaut, nothing will be more fun than filling their walls with spaceships, stars, planets, and asteroids. (via Tiny Me)

starry night

13. Starry Night ($29): What’s better for a good night’s sleep than resting underneath a starry wall?


14. Woodland Creatures: Okay, Okay, while technically not a decal or mural, this wallpaper from Smallable is everything. The woodland creatures, illustrations and black background make for the ultimate chic, eclectic nursery. (Oh, and we’re pretty sure your inner chalk artiste could make this happen on some chalkboard walls.) (via 100 Layer Cake-let)

Which one of these would you put up on your wee one’s walls? Sound off in the comments below!