Every October marks a special time for geekdom in New York City 鈥 yes, we鈥檙e talking about Comic Con. And it鈥檚 just in time for you to get all the best Halloween costume inspo. All the comic book, cartoon, manga, anime and superhero-lovers come out in droves to showcase the intricate costumes they have been working on all year, and oh boy, some of these are truly spectacular. We鈥檝e gathered a list of some of the absolute best cosplay from #NYCC 2015 that will inspire your next Halloween costume for those of you flying solo, looking for a perfect couple鈥檚 costume and for #squads looking for winning group costumes. Take a look.


1. Black Panther + Storm: Everyone loves a great couple鈥檚 costume. This kickass couple came straight out of the Marvel Universe. (Photo via @Error404theShow)


2. Hulkbuster: This incredible costume stood at 9.5 feet tall, took 1600 man hours to build AND took home $1500 for best costume at Comic Con this year. (Photo via Extreme Costumes)


3. Spider-Gwen: Why not be a superhero and his love interest? This cosplayer combined Gwen Stacy and the Spiderman who loves her into one awesome costume after the new Spider-Gwen comic book series. (Photo via Movie Pilot)


4. Princess Zelda: Anyone and everyone who has ever loved Legend of Zelda will love this costume. Bonus: Get a pal to dress up as Link for max geekiness. (Photo via @nellausagi)


5. Steam Punk Star Wars: Take a classic and give it a twist like this #squad did with Star Wars. Star Wars costumes are probably a dime a dozen at Comic Con, but when you give Leia, Darth Maul and Darth Vader a steam punk makeover, it鈥檚 a standout. (Photo via Movie Pilot)

New York Comic-Con 2015 - Portraits

6. Queen Amidala: If you鈥檙e gonna do Star Wars, then you have to go all out. This incredible Queen Amidala costume is spot on 鈥 all the way down to the details on her headdress. (Photo via Neilson Barnard/Getty)

New York Comic-Con 2015 - Portraits

7. Terrifying Lucy from Dracula: Vampires and Halloween are a match made in鈥 uh, heaven? This creep-tastic Lucy costume is sure to scare any and all trick-or-treaters. (Photo via Neilson Barnard/Getty)

Turner Broadcasting General Signage And Atmosphere At New York Comic Con 2015

8. Mikasa Ackerman: This awesome manga costume is totally DIYable with a tan jacket, boots and a red scarf. Swords are optional. Oh, and if you haven鈥檛 read Attack on Titan, you should. (Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty)

Turner Broadcasting General Signage And Atmosphere At New York Comic Con 2015

9. KISS: This KISS group costume will have everyone jealous of your clique. You鈥檒l be needing some black wigs, leather (or pleather) outfits and LOTS of face paint to pull this one off. (Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty)

Cartoon Network Press Hours, Signings And Panels At New York Comic Con - Saturday October 10, 2015

10. Adventure Time Crew: It doesn鈥檛 matter how old you are 鈥 you can always love cartoons. Show some of that love by dressing up as your fave Adventure Time characters this season. (Photo via Paul Zimmerman/Getty)

New York Comic-Con 2015 - Portraits

11. Sally from聽Nightmare Before Christmas: You can DIY this costume from Tim Burton鈥檚 now-iconic flick with some basic sewing, face + body paint and a basket filled with Sally鈥檚 creepy goodies. (Photo via Neilson Barnard/Getty)

New York Comic-Con 2015 - Day 2

12. King Joffrey: GoT fans, check it out! This King Joffrey costume + crossbow might be the best thing you鈥檝e seen yet. Bonus points: Be Joffrey AFTER his wedding to Margaery Tyrell to up that creepiness factor ;) (Photo via Laura Cavanaught/Getty)

Turner Broadcasting General Signage And Atmosphere At New York Comic Con 2015

13. Gender swapped聽Nightmare Before Christmas: Take your favorite Halloween film and give it a twist. Who says you have to play by convention? This gender bender Jack Skellington + Sally (Jill Skellington + Stanley?) is one thing: awesome. (Photo via Cindy Ord/Getty)

New York Comic-Con 2015 - Portraits

14. Honey Lemon from聽Big Hero 6: This Honey Lemon costume is simply amazing 鈥 we love the illuminated balls that line her strap. What a great idea for the costume. (Photo via Neilson Barnard/Getty)


15. X-Men鈥檚 Villains + Anti-Heros: All good all the time is just no fun. Take a page from this NYCC squad and try donning a crew costume of Marvel鈥檚 X-Men鈥檚 villains and anti-heros instead. (Photo via Gamezone)


16. Little Nell from聽Rocky Horror Picture Show: This Little Nell costume is a must from your fave spook-tacular musical film Rocky Horror Picture Show. Actually, all the characters are perfectly DIYable for Halloween. (Photoa via @BKspidey)


17. Lady Gaga: Stop. Everything. This awesome costume of Lady Gaga from her Telephone music video with Beyonc茅 is shockingly easy to DIY. All you need is a leather jacket, fishnets, a blonde wig and some Diet Coke. (Photo via @erockradio)

New York Comic-Con 2015 - Portraits

18. Warrior Ariel: The beauty of Comic Con (and Halloween) is that your costume can be whatever you want it to be. This cosplayer鈥檚 interpretation of a warrior Ariel from The Little Mermaid is as creative as it is stunning. (Photo via Neilson Barnard/Getty)

New York Comic-Con 2015 - Portraits

19. Ariel from聽The Little Mermaid: Of course, if you want to go more conventional, you do your thang. This cosplayer鈥檚 take on Ariel is a little more in line with the cartoon鈥檚, but we LOVE that she鈥檚 got King Triton鈥檚 trident. (Photo via Neilson Barnard/Getty)


20. The Addams Family: Sometimes dressing up is a family affair. This creative crew chose to go with America鈥檚 first spookiest family for their costumes. Takes notes, guys. (Photo via Gamezone)

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