Street art is subjective. It can be about capturing everyday moments (and then turning them into LEGOs) or declaring your love for kale chips. With buildings and sidewalks as their canvas, a really great artist can take street art to the next level and we’re always on the lookout for visionaries who are brightening up urban spaces with their creative touch. After all, who doesn’t want a slightly more beautiful commute? So when we came across the street artist oakoak, we couldn’t help but be blown away by the quirky and cute pieces. Obviously, we had to share — get ready for some street art that’s going to make you smile + press share.

From St. Etienne, France, oakoak uses adorable and hilarious street art pieces to brighten up urban spaces that could use a little love. As he says, “My main interest is giving importance to places and objects that people don’t notice anymore.”

With a full section of his site entitled, “Life is a game,” oakoak’s whimsical outlook towards street art definitely comes across in the entire set of pieces. You can spot pop culture figures, like Calvin and Hobbes, throughout his works.

The artist puts it like this: “Humor is really important to me. It’s definitely the most important element in what I do.” This humor comes across in the unexpected ways he uses the urban elements and the vivid characters he creates.

What is it about street art that has us always coming back for more? There’s something brilliant about how these artists add their own creative touches to their homes and urban landscapes — it’s like public art that everyone can enjoy, Instagram and reflect on as they go about their day. Um, even if it’s not always legal.

Have you found any new street artists that you’re loving? Have you stumbled across any beautiful pieces of graffiti IRL? Tell us in the comments below and share your pictures with us on Facebook!