Oh, no they didnt? Oh, yes, they did.

Uggs, the world's most well-known comfy boot brand, has just released a Wedding line, featuring the "Sparkles I Do!" boot, the "Fluff Flip Flop I Do!" sandal, and the "Baily Bling I Do!" boot. Each pair costs $225, which isn't exactly chump change, but might be reasonable compared to any designer heel you may have been thinking about purchasing for your big day.

The Sparkles boot is pretty much just what it sounds like…a giant shoe made of sparkly iridescent sequins that glimmer in white and pink.

The Fluff Flip Flop looks like a cloud was redesigned as a sandal. We recommend this for the pre-wedding pamper session with your girls.

Finally, the jeweled Baily Bling boot features a genuine Swarovski crystal button and a not-so-tacky matte white gloss shine throughout.

We will leave the ultimate judgements to you. Are these too Uggly (pun intended) for such a beautiful, traditional event? If not, which of these new shoes would you actually wear if you were a bride (or bridesmaid)? Leave us a comment below or find us on Twitter!