The Olsens Will School You on How to Throw a Birthday Party for Twins
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The Olsens Will School You on How to Throw a Birthday Party for Twins

We’ve loved MK+A ever since they graced our screens as little Michelle on Full House. Since those days, the duo has grown into powerhouses outside the acting world, making a name for themselves on the style scene. To switch up their normal glam, high fashion game while celebrating their birthday the ladies put on a summer party of Olympic proportions. After seeing the shenanigans that went down, we totally wish we got an invite to the gold medal celebration.

To celebrate their 29th birthday, Mary-Kate and Ashley got their friends together in the Hamptons to duke it out in a new summer staple: the Olsen Olympics. The creatively-themed birthday party involved challenges like a dunk tank and an obstacle course — and we’re guessing there was also a best red, white and blue dressed contest based on the various cutoff jean + T-shirt stylings of the standard uniforms.

While it appears Ashley got the gold in the first (annual?) Olsen Olympics, the true winners were all of their friends that got to have a field day at a gorgeous Hamptons mansion celebrating Flag Day, the summer and (most important of all) the Olsen twins + their fab lives. Since the ladies aren’t into doing the same thing twice, we’re gonna go on a limb and guess the sporting event won’t be on the list of themes for next year’s big 3-0, so here’s some 30th birthday ideas for ya, girls ;)

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