The future of eyecare is lookin’ good from where we’re sitting. And from where you are too. What if you could skip your next trip to the eye doctor and do an at-home exam from your computer? Opternative is a company in Chicago that is working on making that convenient, fast and cheap (oh yeah, we’ll get to that) dream a reality as soon as this summer.

They’ve been crafting a reliable at-home online eye test for the last year and a half and are currently trying to get the gov to approve it. When they do, it will be the very first online eye test that lets you log on and receive a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

That means no appointments, no leaving on your lunch break or taking up weekend time waiting in waiting rooms (although we will miss trying on all those different frames while we do…). Opternative’s test will cost $35 and a licensed ophthalmologist will review your results and email you a prescription at the end. All in about 10 minutes. $35 is way cheaper than any eye exam we’ve ever had — even with insurance. And just 10 minutes?! Psh. We can’t think of any appointment in the history of appointments that has been that lickety split.

Of course, while this sounds wildly convenient (especially for anyone else who has been a member of the Four Eyes Club since age six) there would be some exceptions for those who need special contacts or have eye issues that require a hands-on exam. You would still need to visit the doc to check up on your eye health too. But if you’re in a pinch for a prescription, this is a solid-sounding option that you bet we already signed up to try.

Would you try an online eye exam? Is there another trip to the doctor you wish you could skip to do online instead? Sound off below!