Pantone’s 2014 color of the year, radiant orchid, is perfect for some spring makeup updates. Even if you’re not usually a fan of purple, orchid is a soft, floral shade that looks good on almost everyone thanks to its pink undertones. So whether you’re going for subtle and feminine or bold and vibrant, try this fabulous shade on your eyes, nails or lips. Check out these 10 easy ways to incorporate radiant orchid into your cosmetic routine and take your spring makeup to the next level.

1. Seeing Purple: Winter is over so give up those taupe and brown eyeshadows and try an orchid shade to give your eyes some pretty spring color. Don’t feel intimidated by using purple. Try a soft, sheer shade on your lid with a touch of deeper purple in the crease for some dimension. With peach blush and sheer lip balm, the look is understated, but feminine. (via Fashion Diva Design)

2. Boldly Lined: Feel like taking that color to the edge? Try it in an eyeliner for a bold look. If you line your eyes with a white eyeliner first, it will saturate the colored liner for an extra pop. Purple liner can go two ways. It can be paired with subtle eyeshadows or go all out dynamite with bright purple shadow. (via Fainting Spells)

3. Going for the Gloss: A light, purple-tinged gloss looks good on any skin tone and is the perfect accent to ease your makeup routine into this exciting color. For lighter skin tones, try a pink-based hue, while darker skin tones can handle deeper purple shades. Lavender gloss will give your lips a healthy look and is a fun alternative to the neutral, “no-makeup” look. (via Fashion Diva Design)

4. Point and Stare: Your fingernails will look extra chic in orchid; choose a polish in a soft dreamy purple for a fresh look. (via Makeup and Beauty Blog)

5. Fade to Purple: Alright, this isn’t exactly makeup, but hair is part of the beauty routine. And if those ends have been needing a bit of a change, why not try an orchid hair dye or chalk for a temporary flirtation with this pretty purple? (via Loxa Beauty)

6. Kiss of Purple: Matte lipsticks are wonderful for sporting bold colors. By keeping the rest of your makeup clean and simple, you won’t overwhelm the look when you go full-on orchid! (via The Glitter Guide)

7. Tickle Me Purple Blush: While purple might not be your first choice for blush, the color looks lively on light and dark skin tones and will brighten up medium skin that has olive and yellow undertones. (via Diana Ionescu)

8. Smoky Purple: Try the smokey eye technique with shades of orchid, starting with the lightest lavender and blending out to a perfect mauve. (via Whatever You Want)

9. Wild Side Eyes: From mild and feminine to bold and vibrant — if you’re feeling some serious love for this color, try a strong eye that starts with orchid and fades into fuchsia. You can add some glitter or gold accents along the inner lid for the ultimate glam look. (via Melty Fashion)

10. Full Feature: Consider your skin’s undertones when experimenting with shades of orchid. If you have fair skin, choose more lavender tones. If you have dark skin, experiment with fuchsias. Try the full look with a light eye and a satin finish orchid lip. (via Fashion Diva Design)

Will you be trying any of these radiant orchid makeup ideas? Let us know in the comments below!