With Halloween only a few days away, last-minute costume shopping may be on your radar this week. But don’t fret — even if you come up empty-handed, you can take the creative route by crafting a badass costume from scratch, like these Instababes did. With a little bit of makeup and a lot of patience, beauty mavens across the web have taken things into their own hands by creating next-level Halloween makeup looks. Whether you want to be Ursula from The Little Mermaid or a mythical unicorn, here are 10 OTT Halloween makeup looks to copy on October 31.

1. Deer: Oh deer, isn’t this look magical? Garnished with a few bedazzled gems and a messy top knot, this Bambi-approved Halloween getup is too cute for words.

2. Skeleton: Forgo the idea of being a flower crown Snapchat filter and opt for this pop-art skeleton instead. Bonus points if you go all out and dye your hair a unicorn-inspired lavender hue.

3. Ursula: You don’t have to steal the voice of a red-headed mermaid to achieve this beauty look, but you’ll need a long gray wig and neon green contacts. Join up with some friends for an epic group costume honoring the childhood fave.

4. Candy Corn: Candy is always good to eat, but we prefer to trick-or-treat as our favorite snack a la this artsy candy corn costume. Pair it with a yellow dress and a bold vampy lip to take this look to a whole new level.

5. Unicorn: As you probably already know, unicorns had a total moment this year. Embrace the trend by decking yourself out in bold pastels from head to toe. Don’t forget your glittery horn and a platinum blonde wig.

6. Katana: Everyone and their mom will be going as Harley Quinn from the Suicide Squad movie — so we say go as Katana instead. She’s a complete badass, knows how to wield a sword and isn’t afraid of ugly monsters. Rather than using a white mask, paint one on your forehead to recreate the comic book character.

7. Chucky: This disheveled Chucky will give you nightmares — and that’s the point. Match it with a pair of vintage overalls to perfect the childlike look.

8. Grim Reaper: To really get into the holiday spirit, opt for a menacing costume like this one. All you need is a long black hooded gown and a killer smokey eye.

9. Ice Cream: If you prefer to be sweet for Halloween, then this makeup-heavy costume is for you. Whether you choose mint chocolate chip, rocky road or OG vanilla, this costume will surely be a crowd-pleaser.

10. Liquid Skeleton: If you really want to take your Halloween game from basic to badass, you *have* to give this liquid skeleton look a shot. While this design looks complicated, we think it would totally be worth it!

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