If you need proof that time is the most valuable thing you have (though that designer purse doesn’t lag too far behind) then just ask yourself the last time you read an article or listened to a podcast about productivity. Between full-time jobs, side hustles, working out, and Netflixing, everyone’s trying to get more out of their minutes. You might have even started asking yourself, “How can I be more productive in my sleep?” Luckily, the beauty world is already a step ahead of us with a new crop of overnight treatments that deliver next-level hair while you get a little shut eye. Talk about multi-tasking! Read on for the top seven picks to save your strands.


1. slip™ for beauty sleep ‘Slipsilk™’ Pure Silk Pillowcase ($80): Your grandmother was right (again): Sleeping on a silk pillowcase protects your blowout from frizz or falling flat. Say goodbye to bedhead (and unsightly creases on your cheeks too!).


2. Halogen® Square Silk Scarf ($29): If you’re not ready to commit to a pillowcase, try wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before bed. If you toss and turn like nobody’s business, this will help hair slip and slide rather than rub and fray.


3. Objector H3 Humidifier With Aroma Therapy ($150): Okay, yes, we’ll admit that you can totally get a humidifier for less than this one. But LOOK HOW PRETTY. A humidifier adds moisture back into the air and subsequently into your strands, bypassing brittle ends and dry roots. Bonus points for an option that also adds spa-like aroma therapy.


4. GoCoPod 10-Pack ($6): Natural beauty lovers know the wonders of coconut oil as a deep conditioner for stressed out strands, but these handy little single-use packets are perfect for traveling. Massage the oil into ends and shafts first and avoid your roots (the oil will weigh them down!). Throw a shower cap on to protect your pillowcases.


5. Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Nightcap Overnight Protector ($28): This little gem is beauty sleep redefined. It boosts shine for days without using silicones or oils; instead, it uses the brand’s own lightweight “radiance refractors” to get you the hair you deserve. Not to mention it keeps a curl like nobody’s business, so if you want to maintain your perfectly styled Blake Lively waves for another day, reach for this at bedtime.


6. Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Gel-to-Oil Overnight Treatment ($28): This formula is brimming with good-for-you ingredients like biotin, argan oil, rosehip oil, algae extract, and coconut. Pump one to two nickel-sized amounts, then massage the treatment into the scalp and throughout the hair from root to tip before bedtime (you may want to protect your pillowcase with a towel). The gel melts into a luxurious oil that conditions like no other.


7. Grow Gorgeous Overnight to Gorgeous Hair Masque ($25): Formulated with a combination of hyaluronic acid, purified mushroom, Amazonian acai, and tamarind, this masque goes to WORK on hair while you catch some Zs. It hydrates, strengthens, and smooths hair like a dream. Plus, the light lavender scent is so soothing.

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