Ever since Pantone released nine trendy color palettes for 2017, we’ve been coming up with ways to incorporate everything from moody grays to light pastels into your home. Palette #3 boasts the catchy name “Florabundant” and, as the name suggests, it’s all about bright, bold florals. This palette offers a lot of flower power, but in a totally stylish way that’s inspired by rich red dahlias and rosy pink yarrow that will look gorgeous any time of year. Whether you’re looking for a small accent or a dramatic design, the Florabundant palette is just the blooming makeover your home needs. Scroll through to see how 18 rooms rock the pink and red color palette.



1. Summer Lovin’: Lighter colors can be just as impactful as a dark hue. A striped throw rug, a quirky ceiling fixture, a peach couch and a darling miniature stool turn this pretty living room into a modern beauty. (via Kim Timmerman)


2. Geo Accents: Technically, the Florabundant palette is all about the rich pink and red colors themselves, not necessarily the patterns. So if you’re not loving the idea of florals, get the same look in your space with geometric shapes. Instead of relying on flower prints to add liveliness, try potted plants or original artwork instead. (via Domino)


3. Cozy Reds: Nothing looks more stunning than multiple shades of the same color used in the same space. If you love the warmth of the Florabundant palette, try mixing it up with a pink rocking chair, red pillows in different textures and a wine throw rug to bring the whole look together. (via Kim Timmerman)



4. Joyfully Teal: Bright white walls, natural light and indoor plants keep this gorgeous dining room fresh and modern. Teal and red make a surprisingly stunning color combo that’s totally on trend for summer or winter. (via Sugar & Cloth)


5. Boho Details: If you love copper, you can’t go wrong with the deep jewel tones of the Florabundant palette. Keep the space from getting too “hot” with a navy blue seating option and a clean, natural wood dining set. (via Domino)


6. Floral Holiday: Not for the faint of heart, this pink floral dining room is BOLD. But the white sheepskin chairs, white walls and greenery help tone down the bright color and create a space cozy enough for any holiday event. (via Meg Biram)



7. Lined Shelves: If you don’t want to replace the flooring or can’t paint your kitchen, hang some floral wallpaper behind your cabinets for color and texture. Plus, putting your prettiest dishes on display doubles as decor. (via Lulu & Georgia)


8. Neon Bliss: Paint and wallpaper aren’t the only ways to bring color into your kitchen. Spruce up your storage situation with color-dipped canisters and a cheeky striped baseboard. (via Oh Joy!)


9. Coral Cabinets: Colorful cabinets are such a fun way to bring some character into your kitchen. Although a coral pink shade is unexpected for a kitchen, its softness makes it easy to live with for a long time, especially when paired with classic black and white accessories. (via Domino)



10. Flower Power: Florals don’t have to be super girly or sugary sweet. Whether you choose to paste up flowered wallpaper or just opt for a new shower curtain, you’ll love the decorative element navy and white accents bring to the bathroom. (via Angie’s Roost)


11. Kilim Love: Dip your toes into a new color palette with nothing more than a new throw rug. A kilim rug can bring in tons of luxe shades like maroon red, hot pink and dark fuchsia without completely overwhelming a small bathroom. (via Domino)


12. Modern Pop: A small, all-white space can benefit from a bright wallpaper, especially when paired with modern wall art and simple wood cabinetry. Bold blossoms are like a new accessory for your walls: elegant, yet edgy. (via Decorpad)



13. Dreamy Workspace: This cheery color combo says chic and modern without being too busy or bright. Complement a mostly white workspace with colorful desk accessories, wall art and open shelving. (via Oh Happy Day)


14. Fresh Modern: Take inspiration from your favorite flower arrangement and bring a touch of nature to your workspace. A throw rug effortlessly brings together the whole palette with minimal work — although a pretty pink chair definitely doesn’t hurt. (via Domino)


15. Plant Heaven: Indoor plants add a soothing factor to a vibrant pink home office. Rosy pink and rich red hues are energizing enough to turn you into a productivity master, even on the slowest of Mondays. (via My Domaine)



16. Cheery Walls: Make a bright impression by adding turquoise to a red and pink palette. A candy-colored wall, geometric rug and pop-art throw pillow come together to create a harmonious and cheerful space. (via Domino)


17. Breezy Beauty: Bring a little nature into your bedroom with floral curtains and you’ll wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy. Contrast the flowers with geometric sheets in the same hues for a quirky play on patterns. (via Kim Timmerman)


18. Snappy Colors: Contrast a vibrant pink and orange color scheme with all-white furniture and pops of light blue for a fabulously serene bedroom. Dark reds might not conjure up a relaxing space, so use the Florabundant color palette selectively for a happy but soothing vibe. (via Brit + Co)

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