With Halloween coming, we’ve had our eyes out for the best ways to transform ourselves for the big night of disguise. Honestly, we thought we’d seen and done it all when it comes to makeup transformations, but Filipino TV host Paolo Ballesteros has us beat.

His Instagram has become a major hit as he transforms himself into female celebrities with only makeup, wigs and the occasional color contacts. Paolo is a master of contouring, able to create the illusion of different face shapes and make his nose and lips look completely different. His transformations are scary real and we’re pretty amazed. Think Paolo is available to do the makeup at the Brit + Co Halloween party this year…?

We were going to go as Katy Perry as a piece of pizza, but this works, too.

He looks ready to rock the red carpet as Jennifer Lawrence.

What? Paolo’s just being Miley Cyrus.

Julia Roberts

All that’s missing from this Kim Kardashian look are Kanye and North.


Tyra Banks

Ariana Grande

We’ll give him an Easy A for his Emma Stone.

Which transformation do you think is the most impressive? Would you try something like this for Halloween? Let us know in the comments!