You’re all about some serious together-time with your kiddo, but before you start googling “mommy and me,” consider all the possibilities. The sheer number of parent-child classes out there may surprise you (or freak you out!). But instead of choosing the first kids’ class you find, start with something that you actually want to do. Check out these mommy-child picks that give bigs and littles the chance to get artsy, make music, and do so much more.

An asian mother helps his son feeding a goat at farm.

1. Gallery Playdates: Bringing your tot into a room filled with priceless, easily breakable art sounds… um, interesting? While the “no touch” policy you’ll find in art museums may not seem like a match made in heaven, a parent-child art appreciation museum class gives you the chance to appreciate the absolute awesomeness that is the art world, while your kiddo gets an intro to everything from modern masters to ancient greats.

2. Music Lessons: Do you daydream about strumming a guitar, plucking a violin, or playing the piano, but you just don’t have the time to take lessons solo? Add your kid into the mix. Instead of hiring a sitter to watch your little love, bring them along. Make sure to ask the teacher if they’ve worked with young children first. If they do, set up your very own private mommy-and-me music lesson.

3. Aqua Buddies: If you’re not getting your pool time in as often as you’d like, look for a parent-child swim class at the community pool or swim club. If your efforts bring you only classes for tots, ask the teacher about setting up a time that’s just for the two of you — well three, including the swim instructor.

4. Karate Kids: Martial arts classes are completely family-friendly, and karate kids come in all shapes, sizes, and ages. Before choosing a family program, make sure that the instructor has experience and expertise teaching young children. Don’t stress about working your way to a black belt. Enjoy the time you’re spending together, focus on your child, and help them to build basics such as motor skills and self-confidence.

5. Sign Language: Your tot’s language skills are growing by the day. Now is the time to introduce a new language — sign language. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to sign, take a class with your kiddo right now.

6. Foreign Languages: Don’t stop at signing. Pick a language to focus on, take private lessons together, and spend time practicing your newly developed skills. As you walk to the park, browse the grocery store’s aisles, and drive around town, you can work those new language skills together. Instead of asking for English answers, your kiddo can respond to your questions in the new language the two of you are learning together.

7. Yoga: If you’ve been busy with carpool, preschool playdates, and everything else you do, yoga may have fallen by the wayside. Sign up for a parent-child yoga class. You’ll get plenty of physical and mental benefits, and so will your child.

8. Natural World: Explore the wonders of nature during a parent-child zoo playdate. Along with zoo-based classes, look for similar activities at parks or nature preserves. These critter- and creature-packed classes give you a chance to refresh your wildlife bio knowledge, and your kid can get up close with the animal kingdom while starting a lifelong love of science.

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