Give us any excuse to don a twirly mini skirt and we’re totally in. Fun fashion is kinda our jam here at Brit HQ. If you’re like us, and you consider every day to be a mini celebration (hip hip hooray!), then Partyskirts is going to be right up your alley. Founded by sisters Lauren and Mariel Armstrong, this brand is all about spontaneous dance parties, enjoying Sunday brunch on the terrace and living life to the fullest one Partyskirt — make that two — at a time.


Starting out, the ever-so-fashionable Armstrong sisters had no idea that their line of handmade skirts would become such an instant hit. So much of a hit, in fact, that Partyskirts has grown to host exciting collaborations with big brands like Keds. These sneakers are just as playful and can be readily styled with your party skirt of choice. After all, skirts + sneaks = #winning. Just to give you a hint, geo-stripes, confetti, dalmatian and palm prints may or may not be involved in the Keds x Partyskirts collection.

Partyskirts x Keds

Besides the flirty and fun silhouette, Partyskirts are available in a rainbow of vibrant hues and prints. Whether you’re channeling your inner Disney princess in a silk robin’s egg blue skirt from their spring line or you want to opt for something a little more classic (think a subdued black or navy), they’ve got styles for everyone. Available in both a mini and “lady length” that falls just below the knee, these skirts are ideal for events ranging from a night out on the town to a full-blown fête. And, if you really want to get matchy-matchy, Partyskirts tops (or shall we say “Partytops”) have also been added into the mix.


With the skirts ranging from $195 to $245 (depending on the mini or midi length), each Partyskirt quite literally gives you a reason to par-tay. Once you factor in the number of twirls per wear, these swingy silk skirts will easily pay for themselves. A quick scan of Partyskirts’ Instagram feed reveals a fanbase of savvy bloggers including Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific and Kelly Mindell of Studio DIY. So don’t delay — give one of these statement-making skirts a twirl today!


Which Partyskirts style are you currently lusting over? Tell us in the comments below!