Has anyone noticed that this year is all about creative pumpkins? After all, a classic carving is *so* 2014. These colorful pumpkins say: “I <3 Halloween just as much as my next-door neighbor, but orange and black aren’t my thing.” If you’ve already added a stoop cat to your front porch, try adding a couple pastel pumpkins to the patch. Scroll through to check out our faves.

1. All Shapes + Sizes: Pimp out your dessert table with pumpkins of all shapes and sizes in colorful pastel hues. It’ll add a chic vibe to any party. (via Love Maegan)

2. Marbled Pumpkins: These could be the prettiest pumpkins we’ve ever seen. Marble your pumpkins using the same method you use for your manicures. It’s that easy! (via The Proper Blog)

3. Decoupage Pumpkin: All you need to whip up this DIY is some Mod Podge and your favorite patterned paper. Oh, and a pumpkin, of course. (via Brit + Co)

4. Pastel Place Card: This unique take on a place card is perfect for any fall festivity. Choose your favorite color and add a gold letter. Because everything’s better with gold. (via Design Improvised)

5. Gold-Stemmed Pumpkin: If a hint of gold isn’t enough for you, then glitter the stem of your pumpkin and paint the rest in your favorite pastel shade. (via Nest of Posies)

6. Cloudy Pumpkins: These cloudy pumpkins are just too cute to handle. Sit them in your kiddo’s room for added Halloween decor. (via Kraft + Mint)

7. Striped Pumpkins: Combine pastel pink with punchy shades of red and teal to make these striped pumpkins. (via Handmade Charlotte)

8. Geometric + Pastel: We have a special place in our hearts for geometric patterns. TBH, who doesn’t these days? (via Brit + Co)

9. Fabric-Painted Pumpkins: Remember when puffy paint used to be your go-to DIY supply? Well, it’s time to break it out again to design these next-level pumpkins. (via Alisa Burke)

10. Simple Painted Pumpkins: Dive back back into the leftover paint from your Easter DIYs for this batch of pumpkins. You’ll have the most colorful front porch on the block. (via A Bubbly Life)

11. Sprinkle-Dipped Mini Pumpkins: Confession: These are actually little pumpkin pops. Yep, you can have your pumpkin and eat it too. (via Fall for DIY)

12. Watercolor Pumpkins: We never thought we’d describe a pumpkin as gorgeous, but the watercolor technique makes these pumpkins beautiful. (via Lines Across)

13. Donut Pumpkins: OMG: Donut. Pumpkins. We need these in our life ASAP. (via Studio DIY)

14. Little Pink Pumpkins: Add a girly touch to your space with pastel pink pumpkins. And if pink isn’t your fave, swap it for another pastel color. There’s no such thing as too much pastel mint. (via Such Pretty Things)

15. Geometric + Modern: This might just be the easiest way to pastel-ify your pumpkins. Simply cut triangles out of your favorite pastel paper and glue onto pumpkins. It really is *that* simple. (via Brit + Co)

How did you decorate pumpkins this year? Did you stick to classic carvings or go with pretty paints? Chat with us in the comments below.