Hair color trends are one of the best kind of trends 鈥 they鈥檙e more permanent than your OOTD but require less commitment than a tattoo you might regret later (although these new audible sound tats just may be worth it, TBH). These past few months, we鈥檝e seen every type of hair under the sun, from graffiti聽hair (the perfect pick for all those music fests) to unicorn and geode hair with their eye-popping colors that go hand-in-hand with warmer seasons. The newest shade of summer has just dropped, however, and trust us when we say, it鈥檚 one that might stick around longer than the average hair: pearl tresses.

Featuring an opalescent pearl-hued base that鈥檚 fit for a mermaid (er, make that, mer-babe) with pretty pastel highlights, the color is similar to the holographic hair trend, but a *touch* more subtle. Both hairstylists and satisfied customers alike have been taking to Instagram to show off the gorgeous art. Check it out!

1. Accented Ends: Elissa Wolfe, a hairstylist in Vancouver specializing in balayage, created this shimmery look, saying it was the result of leftover pastels. Impressive!

2. Shimmering Goddess: Another Vancouver artist, Erin Murphy, transformed a client鈥檚 hair into a beautiful purple-green-icy blonde wonder that makes you wish you were under the sea.

3. Abalone-esque: Stylist Ursula Goff captioned this one, 鈥淲hen your client鈥檚 color fades to abalone鈥 and tagged it #motherofpearl. Truer words never spoken.

4. Pinky Pearl Dream: This pinky spin on the pearl trend is definitely heart-eye-worthy. Take note, ros茅 gold fans!

5. Not Your Mother鈥檚 Pearls: The gorgeous muted hues of this style fit the 鈥減earl鈥 moniker perfectly.

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(h/t Bustle, feature photo via ObnoxiousHair/Instagram)