We thought we’d seen everything when it came to hair color: After hidden rainbow tresses, temp-changing dye (yes, it’s a thing!), and fire hair, what’s left to do, right? As it turns out, PLENTY. In fact, the next big trend in hair is practically a form of walking art. Yup, we’re talking about graffiti.

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We gave it a go last summer with some pretty fab results, and now, it’s blowing up like never before thanks to a rather unexpected celeb fan: Kanye West.

Yeezy stepped out this holiday season with a yellow, white, and pink ‘do that put any of Kylie Jenner’s recent hair swaps to shame. The look came courtesy of stylist Daniel Moon at Bevery Hills’ Ramirez Tran Salon. But trendsetters galore are taking to Instagram to show off their own spins on the hit. Check it out!

1. @majormoon: Kanye’s own stylist is still improving on the look. This multi-hued masterpiece from Moon’s Instagram is the one he calls his “Favorite Color of 2016.”

2. @janine_ker_hair: According to her Insta bio, Janine Ker was actually an artist before a hairstylist, so her effortlessly pretty pastel take on the trend makes total sense.

3. @majormoon: Here’s another one from Ye’s stylist. A few zig-zagged stripes and spots were all this blonde model needed to tip her “wow” factor over the top.

4. @janine_ker_hair: Calling all merwoman! This side-pony version by hair stylist/artist Janine Ker has us dreaming of seahorses.

4. @lockandefrisoer: The trend is taking off internationally too. This Swedish salon dared to get a little wild with lime green cheetah print atop a flame-red canvas.

5. @majormoon: And since graffiti hair is basically turning your hair into an art canvas, you don’t have to stick to paint. We’re totally digging this glitter braid spin Moon put on the trend, as seen on BCTV.

6. @janine_ker_hair: Like Banksy, hairstylist Janine Ker is a big fan of using the stencil. We’re digging this spray painted icy blue rose on silver gray hair. So pretty!

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(h/t Marie Claire; featured photo via Getty)