Even if the president doesn’t think climate change is a real issue, the rest of the world understands what pollution is doing and many people are taking steps in their own ways to help. With some people looking to limit their garbage output and others using public transit or other transportation means, there are women in a village in India who are using their skills as knitters to keep elephants at a sanctuary warm during an abnormal cold snap.

In the Norther Indian city of Mathura, there’s an elephant sanctuary for formerly abused animals. With colder than normal temperatures recently, the elephants risk freezing, which is where the women in the community step in. They’ve crocheted giant sweaters for the animals, and the pics are nothing less than adorable.

Even though there’s a lot to be worried about these days, seeing stories like this help remind us that everyone’s capable of helping in some way, whether you’re marching to support women’s rights, or you’re knitting sweaters for cold elephants, doing something within your means can make a big difference, even if it’s giving people on the other side of the globe a glimmer of hope. Because who doesn’t want to see adorable animals frolicking in custom made outfits?

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(Photo by AFP/Getty)