Seriously though: society has some unrealistic ideals when it comes to the female form. We are so over reading stories about perfecting our bikini bodies when the secret to the “perfect bikini body” is, you know, any bathing suit and ANY BODY. Something that’s at the top of our annoying list? Those celeb snaps you see in the tabloids of moms who gave birth a month ago and somehow aren’t just back to their original weight, but have seemingly emerged more toned than ever. Sure, that would be nice, but we also think all post-baby bods are hot (not just the ones formed by the likes of Tracy Anderson). So to help prove that so-called “mom bods” aren’t just normal, but totally beautiful, photographer Neely Ker-Fox created a photo series titled “Perfect Imperfections.”

Before photographing the super inspiring images, Neely teamed up with OBGYN Associates Midwives of St. Francis and BirthSource. Any ladies who wished to participate made a $165 donation to local charities involved and got a 30-minute shoot in return. When Neely began planning this series in January, she aimed to photograph at least 12 people. So far she’s shot 18 and has more in the works.

While most of the subjects are moms, Neely wants to be clear that it’s not only moms who have participated but also people who have struggled with body image. In an exclusive interview, she told us, “This week I’m shooting a 14-year-old with scars and after effects from a rare and aggressive brain tumor, and the week after an 8-year-old with glasses that she’s starting to become insecure about.”

In a post about the project Neely writes, “It is a project aimed at empowering women to embrace, love, and accept their imperfections, to realize that each scar, each line, each blemish on their body or their heart has made them exactly who they are. It’s a bold idea, but I want to be a part of a dialogue that is aimed at redefining the cultural norm of what is considered BEAUTIFUL. STRONG. FEMININE.”

After looking at these touching photos, it’s obvious that most these ladies don’t have six-packs or cellulite-free legs, but that’s 100% okay. They’re moms, they’re human and they’re totally beautiful.

Have you struggled with your body image after giving birth? Share your story with us in the comments below.

(Photos via Ker-Fox Photography)