We are living in a time where pet ownership and sleep problems are at an all-time high in America. Could there be a link between pet ownership and catching quality zzzzz鈥檚 鈥 or total sleep deprivation? Dr. Lois Krahn of the Center for Sleep Medicine at The Mayo Clinic surveyed 150 adult pet owners to find out.

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The research showed that 56 percent of pet owners allowed their pet to hop in their bed or at least stay in their bedroom. Most of these pet owners reported that having a pet nearby felt comforting or protective, especially those who lived alone or have a partner who travels. According to the report: 鈥淎 50 year old woman said she did not mind when 鈥榤y lovely cat鈥 slept on her chest and described her cat as soothing.鈥

Only 15 of the surveyed pet owners reported their pet鈥檚 presence as disruptive to their sleep. In those instances, the pets were noisy or needy at night. One woman even described her parrot squawking at 6am (lol).

Not a lot of research has been done on this topic, but it sure seems like cuddling with your furbaby may help after a breakup or when you鈥檙e feeling down. Just remember that quality sleep is important. So if Fido鈥檚 whimpering is keeping you up all night, you might want to buy him his own comfy pet bed.

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