Remember when you and your bestie hopped into a box and made faces while a camera snapped your pictures? While we’re still huge fans of Instagram, we can’t help but love the old-school charm of photo strips. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably got a stack of them, which makes these awesome DIY projects the perfect rainy day activity. Whether you’re sprucing up old notebooks or making some unique invites, get ready to relive all those memories.

1. Photo Strips Poster: Whether you use your old strips or create new ones, putting them all together in a large poster is definitely a good idea. (via A Beautiful Mess)

2. Instagram Photo Strips: Use this tutorial to turn your Instagram pictures into photo strips. We’ll call them Instastrips. (via Free People)

3. Framed Strips: Those little pictures deserve to be displayed. Grab some frames and put them up on your wall. (via Deuce Cities Henhouse)

4. Invitations: Whether it’s a birthday party, anniversary or New Year’s Eve, make your invitation extra personal by adding a photo strip. (via Muy Molon)

5. Photo Strip Book: Remember the Instastrips? Combine that with this little photo strip book DIY and you’ll have the perfect vacation album. (via Made Square)

6. Save The Date: Make sure your guests save the date with a couple photo strips that include all the info they need to know… in an adorable way, of course. (via One Fab Day)

7. DIY Photo Booth: Take the opportunity at your next shindig and create your own photo booth so everybody can have photo strips of their own. (via Jennifer Lee Photographee)

8. Photo Strip Scrapbook: Display your snaps with lots of pretty paper and washi tape in their very own scrapbook. Coffee table books don’t get much better than this. (via Lovely Indeed)

9. Mother’s Day Cards: Moms say they love photo presents the best. This personal card will be on her fridge forever. (via Julep)

How do you DIY with your photo strips? Tell us below!