We get it. Sometimes you want just a little freshness in your apartment. You want something green, something living, something to take care of. So you buy a plant. Good for you!

Now what happens if (Read: when) you forget to water it? Well… you could either resign yourself to the guilt of being a bad plant parent or you could avoid that conundrum by getting your plants to water themselves. And you can do just that by buying this super smart shelf.

Pikaplant, a startup based in Amsterdam, has designed a shelf that automatically waters your flowers, ferns and succulents so you can enjoy the greenery minus the whole taking care of anything part. The shelf boasts a steel frame topped with a glass reservoir, which you fill with water once a month. Once you do that, gravity takes care of the rest, which means no electricity, no plugs and no hassle.

The water flows through tubes to capillary mats. The plants suck up water through their roots through a process called capillary action. The process mimics the natural cycle many plants go through in the wild, only refilling when it’s been dry for a few days, so your greenery gets just the right amount of water.

The Pikaplant unit is available for purchase but pricing is only available upon request. And if an entire shelving unit (even one that takes care of itself) is too much to handle, you could also pick up a smaller version of the project called the Pikaplant Jar, an indoor plant that requires absolutely no maintenance. With the Pikaplant Jar, each plant is sealed in its own self contained jar and is totally self-sufficient. It’s like the pet you never knew you needed, without any of that pesky responsibility.

So would you buy these smart shelves for the sake of a little green? Let us know what you think in the comments below!