We’ve evolved into creatures of convenience. Services like Netflix and Fresh Direct bring us entertainment and sustenance without having to leave the house. That’s why we are so excited that PillPack has come along to make prescriptions as hassle free as possible. They deliver your meds right to your door, all assembled in easy packs labeled with the date and time of your dosage. Now with their new app, this system is easier than ever to use.


No one questioned the ease of PillPack, the prescription delivery system, but it was hard to convince many customers to switch over from their current pharmacy. Now with the new app, Pillpack is doing all the sourcing work for you. All you need to do is provide your name, gender and birthday, and PillPack does the rest by looking up and contacting your current pharmacy and doctor if necessary, and transferring all of your medications to their easy-to-use system.


Once you sign up, the app sends you your prescriptions in the mail, along with reminders on your iPhone or Apple Watch for when you need to take your medicine. It also stores a list of all your medications and dosages so you can pull them up in an instant if you need to. With your medicine on your doorstep and reminders at your fingertips, taking your medicine is easier than ever. The app is available for free for all iOS users.

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(h/t Fast Company)