We鈥檙e TOTALLY psyched for the 2017 VMAs. After generating plenty of buzz thanks to its newly announced host (Katy Perry), gender-netural categories, and Moon Person trophies, the show has just given us even more reason to cheer, since Pink has been designated as the recipient of the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award. Unfortunately, not everyone was as excited as we are for the 鈥淲hat About Us鈥 singer, and one person attempted to throw shade her way by dragging up her former feud with Christina Aguilera.

鈥淟et鈥檚 celebrate @Pink鈥檚 Vanguard Award with the only relevant video of her career, starring as Xtina backup singer,鈥 Twitter user @BICONIC posted of their shared 2001 remake of 鈥淟ady Marmalade.鈥

As you might recall, the 37-year-old took issue with the treatment she allegedly received from Aguilera鈥檚 manager, Ron Fair, while recording the smash hit, which she spoke out about in her Behind the Music segment with VH1.

鈥淩on Fair walked in. He didn鈥檛 say 鈥榟i鈥 to any of us, and said, 鈥榃hat鈥檚 the high part? What鈥檚 the most singing part? Christina鈥檚 gonna take that part,鈥 and I stood up, and I said, 鈥楬i, how are you? SO nice of you to introduce yourself. I鈥檓 Pink. She will NOT be taking that part. I think that鈥檚 what the f*cking meeting鈥檚 about.'鈥

Clearly, she鈥檚 no less shy about voicing her opinion these days. Not only did she shut down the tweet about their history with a brilliant response of her own, but she also revealed that the two iconic vocalists have since made their peace.

鈥淲ant to point out an awful new phenomenon of the last 10 years. We can no longer be happy for each other,鈥 she wrote, adding, 鈥淚 鉂わ笍Xtina, we鈥檝e made amends鈥.鈥

And she didn鈥檛 stop there. 鈥淢usic brings us all together,鈥 she continued. 鈥淭he best part of music is- there鈥檚 room for everyone to win at the same time. Don鈥檛 be what鈥檚 wrong w/da world. Let鈥檚 be an example of inclusion and celebration. You don鈥檛 have to like me at all, I鈥檓 ok with that. Just be a decent person.鈥 AMEN, SISTER!

In closing, the mother of two dished out a little shade of her own, saying, 鈥淎nd you鈥檙e f*ckin rip van winkle if you鈥檝e never seen one of my videos.鈥 Mic. Drop!

If reactions are any indicator, there will be more people celebrating her big win than begrudging it come Sunday, August 27.

Congratulations, Pink!

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(Photo via Stuart C. Wilson)