Your Pinterest feed just got a whole lot smarter. We’ve long been turning to the site as a source of inspiration for all things beauty, whether that means scoping new trends or discovering new products. Now, the company is making our search customizable, with options to search for muse-worthy makeup by skin tone.

As soon as you type in a beauty related word, be it “foundation,” “lipstick,” or even blanket terms like “beauty tips,” an option will appear in the upper lefthand corner enabling you to pick a skin tone to narrow your search.

That means women of color, who would typically need to wade through a tons (8 billion, to be exact) of hair and beauty pins will now be able to find what it is they’re looking for with the click of a button.

The move toward inclusivity comes on the heels of other upgraded features from the site, including upgrades to screen readers, color contrast sensitivity, and focus indicators to help visually impaired users navigate Pinterest’s design.

“We’re continuing to make Pinterest more inclusive for everyone,” the press release stated.”

Three cheers to that!

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 (Photos via Pinterest + Getty)