Imagine for a sec what an event at the Pinterest offices is like. We bet you’re picturing bright, colorful and fun. Yes, yes and yes. We stopped by Pinterest HQ to check out the social network’s newest features and, after hitting up the olive oil infusion station and learning how to properly fold a pocket square, we took some notes on the latest upgrades coming to boards near you. Are you ready to get Pinspired like you’ve never been Pinspired before?!

As Pinners we’ve helped organize and curate all of the 30 billion Pins on over 750 million boards — and growing. (Quickly! 50% over the last six months — what whaaat!) Since our very first board, our love of the social network has grown as it has. We can now post videos, Pin GIFs, map out places we want to travel to. Post an article and you can see the byline and a preview (a lot like you do in a Tweet!), Pinned movies display ratings and actors. Pinterest will ping you if the price drops on a recent addition to your To Splurge Or Not to Splurge? collection. Now, they want to do even more to help you find everything you’re looking for + way more.

1. Guided Search: The big announcement of the night is all about the social network’s new search function. It may be premiering on Pinterest, but it’s going to revolutionize the way you look for anything on the world wide web. Seriously, you’re going to wish Google had Guided Search.

Pinterest gets us, and knows we aren’t searching for one answer, we’re surfing to get inspired. That’s why the new Guided Search doesn’t treat the question you’re asking it like one that has just one conclusion. It shows you all of the different directions you can go instead. Who needs one answer when you can have options?

Start searching for something like “hairstyles.” From there, you instantly have possibilities, some that you might have been looking for (updo, wedding, bun) and some that open up a whole new avenue of Dos for your ‘do (braid headband, pretty messy, Khaleesi). Start searching for “waffles” and you might end up whipping up a gluten-free waffle sundae instead of your standard Eggo knockoffs. Type in “nature” and your search might take you down the path to planning the most epic camping trip ever.

Guided Search also has a major benefit for users who prefer Pinning from the comfort of their smartphones. It’s meant to be a one-handed experience where you type less and browse more thanks to better suggestions in a language closer to the one you speak with your BFFs.

2. Related Pins: Click on a Pin and now you’ll see options for similar Pins. This handy feature lends a blog-like feel to everything you’re looking up. Like this spaghetti squash recipe? Maybe you’ll like these other low-fat veggie options… or other ideas to help you use up the squash you picked up at the farmer’s market.

3. Custom Categories: When Pinterest launched there were only 32 categories. With this feature, (rolling out slowly to a Pinterest near you) they will expand even more to include specific options that will help you explore niche topics you’re just learning about. Search for a favorite artist and you’ll see a totally dynamic new content feed organized into videos, quotes, articles, photos, even suggestions for other related artists.

If you thought the site could spark your creativity before, wait ‘til these new features hit your network. We’re seeing whole new ways to plan parties and trips, outfit our homes and motivate our next workout. And if you’re not already Pinning with us, you’re majorly missing out on Brit + Co in Pinterest flavor.

Tell us about a time Pinterest inspired you to make, DIY, create or get motivated!