Remember Collage Day in grade school, when the teacher would bring out a pile of magazines, hand you scissors and glue and let you go wild with a collage that represented your interests? Today, the Internet is our magazine and Pinterest is the scissors and glue. Lucky for us, our favorite online bulletin board is making things way easier with their new and improved “Pin It” button.


With so much content at our fingertips every single day, it’s no wonder we randomly end up on a food blog distracted by an amazing-looking cake. And since we all know the importance of cake, the upgraded “Pin It” button is allowing us to save that recipe in half the time. Now when you use the “Pin It” button, instead of clicking six times, you can save images in just three simple clicks, making the process of saving content much more seamless.

To make things even more simple, Pinterest also saves your most recently pinned boards in the top three rows. That way you don’t have to scroll down your huge list of boards when you’re on a pinning spree for your next big project or event. Pro Tip: If you’re pinning for a broad topic, such as a wedding or recipes, pin everything from the web to one board. Later, you can go to that board and use the “move pins” feature to organize the pins into as many boards as you want. Since we love efficiency and upgrades, we couldn’t be more thrilled to test this new button out.

What We Loved


1. No Disruption: Pinning an image doesn’t disrupt your browsing experience, so you can pick up exactly where you left off in a matter of seconds.

2. View Images All at Once: We love choices, and visualizing all of the images from a post allows us to pick the one that will catch our attention a month later when we’re scrolling for it on our Pinterest board. If you can’t decide, you can just pin them all!

3. Search By Board: If you’ve been on Pinterest for a few years, there’s a good chance you’ve created several boards. Pinterest now not only keeps your most recently pinned boards in the first three rows as you’re pinning, but it also allows you to quickly search for a specific board. We love that Pinterest is keeping our valuable time at the top of their minds.

What We’re Hoping For

1. Pinning in Bulk: Currently the “Pin It” button still only allows you to pin one image at a time, but we would love to be able to pin multiple images at once to a specific board to make the process even more efficient.

2. Message to a Friend: Pinterest has a messaging feature on the platform, but it would be awesome if the “Pin It” button would also allow you to message a pin directly from a website.

Do you use the “Pin It” button? What are your thoughts on the upgrade? Tell us in the comments!