We’re just eating it up. Edible art, that is. This magical work is taking us back to our childhoods in two psychedelic ways: 1. Our Lisa Frank binders bore a striking resemblance. 2. It has all the neon, rainbow-colored candy we could eat — in a lifetime. It’s all here, at Pip & Pop. And artist Tanya Schultz has got our attention. While we love the focus on detail, the most remarkable thing about these pieces is that they transport you to a world inspired by something straight out of a childhood fable. We think the next Narnia movie should look like this.

It’s the real life Willy Wonka factory, complete with candy rainbows. Can you imagine the preparation, set-up and the sheer amount of materials used to create this look? Our hats are off to you, Tina, for turning our childhood imaginations 3D, on such a huge scale.

Based out of Australia, Tina’s art has gone international, and we can see why. Her work has been featured in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. We noticed the US isn’t on that list, yet… a trip to California never hurt anybody. Just saying.

Are you inspired to do some sidewalk art? Tell us your favorite part of these neon artworks in the comments below.

(h/t Hi-Fructose)