If you haven’t noticed, neon is basically taking over the world, and we are not mad about it. From fashion accessories to our fave sunnies, makeup and hair trends, neon is certainly casting a warm glow. In fact, the vintage trend that’s making a comeback is even hitting up the home decor front. Yep, we’re talking neon signs — the ones with witty sayings and cute shapes like clouds and hearts and all that goodness. No longer reserved for bars and man caves, a unique neon sign is a bold statement that instantly transforms and brightens up any room. That’s why we’re putting the glow on some awesome, budget-friendly DIYs so you can add your very own electric touch to your home.

1. Marquee Sign: Here’s a modern take on vintage marquee signs that really portrays your message loud and clear. Check out the step-by-step tutorial on how you too can create an awesome marquee sign. (via Brit + Co)

2. Neon Love Sign: Sometimes all you need is love, so let your love shine with a one-of-kind neon sign like this one. Using EL wire that she purchased on the cheap (here), Meg Allen Cole of HGTV shows you how to make your own neon sign with her easy how-to video. (via Poppytalk)

3. Wire-Wrapped Neon Sign: You get the effect of neon but totally save on your electric bill with this wire-wrapped DIY. Keep an eye out for some uber-bright neon craft wire to ensure that your sign is super flashy. (via Tuts)

4. Neon Sign Hack: The magic is in the wire. You’ll need to get your hands on some EL (Electro Luminescent) wire for this magic to really light up. The cord can be twirled, whirled and cut to any length. Neat, amiright? (via Macted)

5. Neon Sconces: LED lights and glass votives create this geometric neon wall art that’s certain to inspire some oohs and ahhs. Oh, and get this: The creator totally built in a hidden weather display and tangible user interface for an even more electrifying effect. (via Instructables)

6. Motel Nite Light: Sure it’s not REAL neon, but this night light oozes with nostalgia from neon’s glory days. Simply switch out the bulb for a more colorful glow. (via Design Sponge)

7. Hand-Lettered Neon Acrylic Sign: This sign doesn’t light up with a cord, but it sure is electrifying. The tutorial shows how to create an eye-catching wedding sign, so brides and party hosts take note, as this DIY brings out the fun and festive. (via Oh So Beautiful Paper)

8. Rope Light Word Sign: Pick a meaningful word or shape, grab some LED rope lighting and get to work on adorning your walls with your vibrant and stylish message. (via Apartment Therapy)

9. Light Up Cafe Sign: Who wouldn’t want to wake up to such a bright and welcoming sight? The great thing about this shadow box sign is that you can make it in an afternoon with time to follow up your crafting spree with hot cup of tea. (via A Beautiful Mess)

10. Neon Typographic Sign: Check it out: When nail string art and electrical wire combine, magic happens. Reserve a lazy weekend and follow this tutorial to light things up. (via Brit + Co)

11. Custom Neon Sign: This is more of a DIY in thought than in technique, but if you’re totally dying to have some custom neon glow in your life, look into this company. They’re bringing neon back in big way. (via That Neon Sign)

Have you DIY’d a neon light? Spill the details and share a pic in the comments below.