We all have our moments of weakness when we’re starving — whether at 6pm or 2am — and the only convenient options are fast food. With recent ingredient changes in need-it-now meals from the likes of Chipotle, it seems like the shift in healthier grab + go options is becoming a reality. That momentum is building because Pizza Hut + Taco Bell, both part of Yum! Brands, just announced they’re ditching the artificial aspects of their food makeup. Could a healthier Hut and Bell actually be a thing? Well, we’ll see about that…

pizza hut healthy

For the pizza chain, the changes are coming via the removal of artificial flavors and colors from pies by the end of July to all pizza in the US. Pizza Hut has already eliminated artificial trans fat and MSG, reduced sodium, doesn’t use fillers in any of its meat toppings or add any sugar or oil to its pizza marinara sauce. Who knew the Hut was so health-conscious this whole time?!

taco bell healthy

When it comes to Taco Bell, the quintessential late night spot is planning on removing all artificial flavors and colors as well by the end of the year and replacing them with natural alternatives. The Bell isn’t stopping there as it also plans to remove other additives in its meals like trans fat and other artificial preservatives. The changes will be incorporated into more than 95% of the menu. While all of that sounds better for our health, you won’t see that in Taco Bell’s beverages or co-branded items. So yes, the Doritos Locos will still be a full-on guilty pleasure.

What are your thoughts on the healthy changes coming to Pizza Hut + Taco Bell? Will you go here vs Chipotle? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via @tacobell + @pizzahut)