October is here, and we are ready to take on the town in our costumes. Whether you’re hanging with your besties downtown or chilling with your main squeeze at the crib, you HAVE to dress up for Halloween. No excuses, people! While there are a lot of options to choose from on multiple online vendors, remember that stores like Party City are always there for you. Want to see what we think you should be wearing on All Hallows’ Eve? See our 30 picks for our favorite plus-size costumes below!


1. Adult Snow White Costume Couture ($90): Snow White never looked so chic! If you are going to wear this outfit out on the town, you will definitely have at least seven dudes following you wherever you go.


2. Adult Aye Aye Amy Sailor Costume ($55): Sail the open seas with this super cute sailor costume. This retro getup is all about the accessories and that giant red bow. We are seriously swooning over this outfit.


3. Adult Glamour Flapper Costume ($40): The roaring ’20s were known for lavish parties and dancing. Be the life of the party by wearing this little flapper number at your next Halloween party.


4. Totally Tubular Tina 80s Costume ($50): Neon is always a good idea, and so is this costume. Get physical with these striped leggings and fishnet accessories.


5. Day of the Dead Señorita Costume ($50): Another way to celebrate Halloween is to celebrate the dead. Do it in style with this crazy awesome costume.


6. Bone-a-Fied Babe Skeleton Costume ($35): If you are more about the traditional bones, then wear this edgy number that will surely scare the living dead out of you.


7. Witch Body Shaper Costume ($80): Who says witches have to wear all black? We say skip the usual and be unique by wearing this super fun witch outfit instead. Just don’t forget your broom for easy transportation.


8. Greaser Babe Costume ($33): This is the perfect Halloween costume for when you don’t really want to dress up too much. Flats? Check! Awesome jacket to keep you warm? Double check!


9. Stop Traffic Sexy Cop Costume ($50): No one is going to mess with you in this costume, but you might stop traffic every now and then. *wink*


10. Bewitching Witch Costume ($50): When a witch’s costume looks this cute, you really can’t say no. While you might be looking innocent with a Peter Pan collar and round puffy sleeves, we know you ain’t fooling no one with that witchy glare.


11. Can-Can in Paris Dancer Costume ($50): You can-can definitely pull off this outfit. With a little bit of sequins and a whole lot of ruffles, this getup will have you kicking in a fit of joy.


12. American Dream Costume ($50): Be your own superhero with this girly Captain America costume. While everyone knows that the “A” stands for “America,” we also think it stands for “Awesome,” because you would look totally awesome in it.


13. Batgirl Costume ($50): If you are looking to fight crime while you trick-or-treat, make sure you grab this number to serve justice while you snack on some candy.


14. Sassy Red Riding Hood Costume ($50): Sorry grandma, but we won’t be visiting you tonight. This outfit is made to dance the night away at your next Halloween party. Just make sure all the wolves boys keep the howling to a minimum.


15. Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Costume ($50): Although this Leonardo outfit is perfect on its own, make sure you grab three other friends so each one can be their own Ninja Turtle. Another reason why we love this outfit: A slice of pizza can easily be an accessory. COWABUNGA!


16. Queen of Hearts Costume ($190): Be the queen of your own court while you wear this awesome costume. Who needs a deck of cards or a rabbit that can’t get his act together? You are the ultimate #GIRLBOSS in this ensemble.


17. Knockout Sexy Boxer Costume ($50): This costume easily knocks out all of your competition. Not only will you look fierce, but it also looks super comfortable too. And that’s surely a win-win.


18. Dark Alice Costume ($50): We wouldn’t drink the tea that this Alice offers. While we do love the original blue shade that the original Disney Alice wears, we are really digging this all-black dress too. Black does go with everything anyways.


19. Guilty as Charged Prisoner Costume ($33): This costume deserves a “Get Out of Jail Free” card. Who knew being guilty could ever look so good?


20. Ruthless Pirate Wench Costume ($50): Show everyone who is captain with this sexy number. With a high-low skirt and off-the-shoulder sleeves, this dress will have you ready to look for all the booty (treasure, of course).


21. Nurse Body Shaper Costume ($80): Who needs a doctor when a nurse is readily available? This outfit is super chic with a mini apron and bow.


22. Evil Queen Costume ($60): Be the ultimate sassy evil queen in this costume. We are loving this high-slit skirt and the crown that even Miss Queen B would wear. #Flawless


23. Sexy Spidergirl Catsuit Costume ($50): Our spidey senses are tingling over this Spiderman outfit. Be the ultimate web-slinger while still keeping warm with this head-to-toe costume and cute mini eye mask.


24. Ursula Costume Couture ($90): Purple never looked quite as badass as this. Sorry, Ariel, but your poor unfortunate soul is no match for this killer ensemble.


25. Lady Jack Skellington Costume ($50): Love Halloween just as much as Christmas? Then you have to wear this Jack Skellington ensemble. While Christmas is still a few months away, we’re sure this outfit will be the best gift you will give yourself this year.


26. Anna Costume ($60): Let it go with this cute Disney princess dress. The bright pink cape will keep you warm during those Frozen fall nights. (Sorry, we had to.)


27. Miss Jason V. Costume ($40): If you are team Jason, then you need to buy this sexy number. While we’re not sure who would ultimately win this fight, we’re sure this outfit is already winning our hearts.


28. Commander Cutie Army Costume ($55): Serve your country by wearing this retro army green uniform. It’ll be easy to demand attention with this outfit on.


29. Oktoberfest Beer Wench Costume ($60): This two-for-one is perfect for Oktober. Grab a few beers and some pretzels and partake in the German festivities while grubbing on some much-needed candy too.


30. Wonder Woman Costume ($50): While Superman is cool and all, we are particularly fond of Wonder Woman. She’s a badass chick that we are ready to represent. Plus, an invisible jet is pretty cool to have too.

What costume are you going to wear this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!