Alright, so Oktoberfest may officialy have come and gone, but since it’s called Oktoberfest, we condone celebrating it all month long. We mean, really, can you ever have too much beer, pretzels and ‘kraut in your system? We think not, so keep that oompah band playing as we head into the kitchen and whip up these 13 essential recipes that’ll have you finishing off the bier-soak month strong.

1. Pretzel Bites + Mustard: Your favorite mall food court may have picked up this snack, but the Germans still do it best. Pretzel bites are a great on-the-go snack or appetizer that you can pair with homemade or artisanal mustard for a delicious and dippable recipe. (via The Flair Exchange)

2. Spaetzle: You can’t celebrate Oktoberfest without including the staples. While not the prettiest or most colorful noodle dish on the block, spaetzle can be paired with a variety of sauces and meats for a filling dinner. Basically, it’s your Deutschland blank canvas. (via My Second Breakfast)

3. Sausage and Sauerkraut: Our favorite ‘kraut combo is hands down when it’s sitting on top of sausage. (via Through Oana’s Lens)

4. Schnitzel: Schnitzel: consider it Germany’s version of Southern comfort food. If you’re a lover of fried chicken, you ought to be all over this recipe. (via Design Sponge)

5. Potato Salad: You may have inhaled scoop after scoop of potato salad at every picnic and barbecue this summer, but this recipe is a bit different. Traditional German potato salad has a signature vinegar dressing and is served warm, making it stand apart from its American counterparts. (via Saveur)

6. Pretzel Twists: Seriously, we can’t get enough pretzels. This step-by-step recipe will teach you how to knead and twist with the best of Bavaria to make huge soft pretzels. Prep these puppies for game day or simply for your Tuesday snack. (via Oh Lady Cakes)

7. Steamroller: Those pretzels making you thirsty? While we’re sure you can handle reaching for a cold German brew on your own, steaming beer results in a drink that is more bubbly than your average beer, creating a completely new drinking experience. (via Chow)

8. Caramelized Apple Cake: Gather round, all ye apple pie lovers. This recipe is just for you. The sweet and tart tastes of your classic apple pie are combined in this cross between a cake and pie that is absolutely irresistible. (via I Heart Eating)

9. Cheddar Apple Beer Cheese Soup: You had us at beer cheese. The flavors of your favorite cheesy pretzel dip are combined with the tart taste of apple in this creative soup. Warm up the chilly fall nights ahead with this German-inspired soup recipe. (via Half Baked Harvest)

10. Beer Brat Carbonara: You may think that pasta is a totally Italian dish, but this recipe adds a unique hint of German heritage for a dinner you just gotta try. Classic carbonara is combined with savory beer brats to create a pasta recipe that will be unlike anything you’ve had before! (via The Beeroness)

11. Bread Pudding With Cherries: We can’t get enough sweet, warm dessert dishes once fall hits. Give your bread pudding a boost by adding sweet cherries. (via Ginger and Bread)

12. Beer Mac and Cheese: Here we have two of our favorite things: mac and cheese and beer. What more could you want? Make your macaroni a bit more Oktoberfest-appropriate by adding beer cheese in place of your classic cheddar variety for a rich and creamy recipe. (via A Spicy Perspective)

13. German Grilled Cheese: This simple sandwich is packing all of your classic German ingredients. It’s got your German sausage, your German sauerkraut, your German(?) cheddar and German (?) onion for an out-of-this-country upgrade on your typical grilled cheese. (via BS in The Kitchen)

What is your favorite German-inspired recipe for Oktoberfest and beyond? Give it to us in the comments below.