Unless you’ve been huddled in a cave for the past week, then you’ve heard of a new app that is taking the world by storm: Pokémon GO. But unlike most video games, which tend to keep players indoors and desk-bound, Pokémon Go asks users to flock to specific neighborhood points of interest on a quest to “catch ’em all” — and make new friends in the process by helping other players! Whether you’re already playing or are just thinking about trying it out, no great adventure can begin without some road trip snacks. Start with these 12 Pokémon-themed snack ideas to fuel you along your journey.

1. Pokémon Breakfast: Did you ever think your yoke would… peek-atch-yoo? Start your day off right with an egg – Pikachu-side up.

2. Pokémon Cupcakes: Gotta eat ’em all! Next time you head out to go Poké-hunting, bring some of these cutie cupcakes! You’ll get BFF status with everyone in no time, and you might even get some useful hints in return.

3. Poké Ball Pizza: Pizza-chu, I choose YOU! Throw your best Pokémon party with this delicious Poké Ball pizza – complete with cheese and Poké-roni.

4. Pokémon Themed Cake Pops: Food on a stick is ideal while trekking — adventurers don’t have time to stop and eat! These Poké Ball and Pikachu cake pops are a perfect solution to snack while you roam.

5. Pokémon Bento Box: Now that you’re always on the go, pack yourself a Pokémon bento box! It will store perfectly in your knapsack and stay in tact throughout your travels — simply bust it out when you’re hungry.

6. Pokémon Soup: We know — even the most wicked weather won’t stop you from hunting. If you happen to catch a cold in the rain, this Pikachu-filled wakame soup will nurse you back to health and have you back in tip-top shape in no time.

7. Pokémon Cookies: Have you tried charming one of those pocket monsters with a cookie? It could work — just sayin’. If not, at least you still have a cookie…

8. Pokémon Yogurt Bowls: Be healthy and be strong! Strapping adventurers are the best adventurers, so don’t skip out on those fruits. You don’t want those critters to slip away from you without a fight.

9. Pokémon Burgers: It’s not often that we want our food looking back at us, but in this case, we’re all for it. These Poké-burgers are adorable as heck!

10. Pokémon Drinks: When you need to beat the heat, refresh yourself with a Poké-mocktail — or if you’re the appropriate age, let it evolve into a Poké-cocktail. Because why not? You’ve worked hard.

11. Pokémon Cake: Once you’ve finally caught them all, celebrate with a Poké-cake! But maybe wait until a bunch of your friends have caught them all too. You don’t want to be that girl…

12. Candy Pokéballs: These Poké Balls hold a sweet surprise — and we’re not talking about Jigglypuff (we wish)! Make up a batch of these chocolate treats for you and your friends to keep your energy levels up on your next Eevee hunt. (via My Cupcake Addiction)


Has anyone else had any issue with Pokémon eating their food? Look at Oddish, with that mischievous smile. I don’t think I could stay mad at that.

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