Nothing says autumn quite like plaid. From our bedding to our nails, we’re pretty obsessed with this trend-turned-staple. We’ve even figured out a few ways to add plaid to weddings! Swoon. And while we love a good plaid print, we couldn’t help but take it up a notch with a polka dot pattern. All you need is a pencil and some paint — it’s seriously that easy. We’re showing you how to take on the transformation in just two simple steps.



  • — plaid shirt
  • — scrap cardboard
  • — fabric or acrylic paint


— pencil



1. Dip the pencil eraser into white paint.

2. Stamp away!

  1. BC_PolkaDotPlaidShirt_02

    For best results, use a pencil with a brand new eraser. This will create the cleanest polka dot, each and every time. When you dip the eraser in the paint, wipe off the excess on the scrap cardboard. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a big ol’ blob! It’s not a bad idea to practice stamping on scrap fabric before taking on the real thing.

  2. BC_PolkaDotPlaidShirt_Styled03

    If you’re having difficulty wiping off the excess paint, don’t fret. You can always use a foam brush to apply a light layer of paint. Depending on the thickness of your shirt, you may also need to insert a piece of paper in between the layers. This will prevent paint from seeping through.

  3. BC_PolkaDotPlaidShirt_Styled04

    The awesome thing about plaid patterns is the built-in grid. Use the lines as a guide for each dot. If you mess up, don’t worry: No one will notice. We promise! Pair your new shirt with a statement necklace and take on whatever crazy weather fall has in store for you.


Readers, what color paint would you use for your plaid shirt? Tell us in the comments!

(Styled Photos: Nick Wolf Photography)