This week the Internet found us getting inspired by creative photo series, scouring crafty kitchen sites for the coolest ice cream gadgets around, and taking a measuring tape to our laptops and finding the most stylish non laptop bag laptop bags. In the spaces between, we found each of the awesome things on this list. Oh yeah, and ICE CREAM!

Typewriter Waffle Iron: On the blasphemous side to those who love analog type, we can't help but giggle over this concept for repurposing a waffle iron. Yes, this was actually made but no it is not for sale. The "Corona-Matic" was created by Chris Dimino as part of "The Next Best…Ding!"

Confetti Garlands: We love Etsy seller KristinaMarie's playful confetti garlands! Each garland is handmade and wrapped on a wooden spool. It's basically a party in a box… but on a spool! Definitely ripe for a DIY attempt.

Stone Shot Glasses: Whiskey rocks are so 2010. Why not make the glass out of stone and freeze the whole darn thing? Add this one to the gift list for liquor-lovin' guys and gals alike.

World's Largest Rainbow Parade: It's true. We've been all up in Kickstarter these days, and with good reason. There's so much innovative, artistic, awesome stuff coming out of there that sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. But anyway, back to the World's Largest Rainbow Parade. This is a birthday party and a parade, and it's happening tomorrow! Whether or not you're up for funding it, we love the idea of a birthday party parade. But what can I say, I'm partial to color-themed birthday parties.

Another Waterproof Notepad!: We love our AquaNotes but what about when you need waterproof journaling capabilities in the pouring rain? This All-Weather Travel Journal by Rite in the Rain is ready to capture your most prolific writing moments, even in a storm.

Muppetypography: Created by Mike Boon and available in prints and posters on Society6, this Muppet Alphabet is totally amazing. As children of the Muppet era, we sincerely wish this had been on our walls growing up. Our favorite is definitely B for Beaker and Bunsen (and Brit!).

Soft Cities: Looking for a super unique wedding, baby, or birthday gift? Check out Soft Cities and create a totally customized textile depicting a map of any location or neighborhood you choose. Great for kids to get to know their neighborhood, for newlyweds to wrap themselves up in the place they first met, and college friends who will giggle every time they see "the quad" with a big star on it.

DIY Heart-Shaped Bokeh Lens: You know from our archive of photography-related posts that we love getting creative with our shutterbug tendencies. Check out this simple DIY for how to create unique shapes right on your lens!

Daily Purchase Drawings: Since February 2006, Kate Bingaman Burt has been drawing something that she purchases every day. Whether it's a tube of Chapstick or a brand new Lumix camera, each drawing is personal, whimsical, and reminiscent of the oldest school catalogs around.

Laser Cut Seaweed Sushi: And finally, Laser Cut Seaweed Sushi. Possibly the most beautiful sushi we've ever seen, and you know we love getting down with a laser cutter. These are currently only on sale in Japan but here's hoping they show up stateside in the near future!

Stumble across something we've gotta check out? Leave us a link in the comments below or send awesomeness our way on Twitter. Happy Friday!