Get ready for fall! Busy pool- and playground-packed days are about to give way to finger painting, block building, and baking soda + vinegar fizzing volcano science experiments. While you’re still well over a decade away from shopping for dorm room essentials, your preschool-bound kiddo still needs a few supplies to start them off. Before you start stockpiling pencils, pens, and glitter, check out the gear that your little learner actually needs for their days in pre-K.

1. Crayola Ultimate Crayon Collection ($15 for 152): You never know when a preschooler will get the urge to use atomic tangerine, orchid, pink flamingo, raw sienna, or sonic silver. Don’t let your crafty kiddo get caught without the precisely right color they need to complete their mini-masterpiece: This Crayola pack has more than enough rainbow choices for your preschool Picasso.

2. Wildkin Original NapMat ($60): When nap time rolls around, your kiddo will want more comfort than just a simple throw, but lugging along an entire full-size sleeping bag just isn’t realistic. The NapMat is the perfect size for your preschooler and comes in more than enough patterns and colors to meet any individual style needs.

3. Fiskars Softgrip Blunt-Tip Kid’s Scissors ($6): Sure, your preschooler’s teacher may have a bin filled with scissors for the kids to use. But when your preschooler gets home, they may want to continue the cutting action. Your creative kid can reap the fine motor benefits of cutting lines, zig-zags, and curves with this comfy and safe model.

4. Melissa & Doug Art Essentials Artist Smock ($10): You’re fine with letting your little one wear a communal classroom art smock… until the first time you get a lice letter and realize that the kids all take turns pulling the smocks over their heads. Instead of chancing it, this smock gives your preschooler their very own option to wear during their Pollock-ish painting periods.

5. Yodo Little Kids School Bag ($19): Your kiddo needs something to stash their lunchbox and an extra pair of socks in, but a full-size “big kid” bag may seem awkward or uncomfortable for your still-teeny tot. Forget about the massive backpacks that grade schoolers need to carry their textbooks: Any preschool paleontologist will love, love, loooove this pint-size pack, and there are also elephant and shark versions.

6. Skip Hop Zoo Kids Insulated Lunch Box ($15): As if your preschooler’s day weren’t filled with enough fun already, perk them up at noon with this cute kitty lunch pack. It’s perfect for the pre-K student who needs to bring a midday meal or snack along to school!

7. Elmer’s Paper Mâché Art Paste ($15 for 3): Those cute little sculptures that your preschooler needs to make at home and bring into their classroom won’t paper mache themselves. When a clumpy glue, flour, and water mix doesn’t cut it, this ready-to-make paste will.

8. Kleenex Pocket Packs ($5 for eight): The pre-K teacher is seriously tired of buying their own boxes and boxes and boxes of tissues. And you’re seriously tired of scraping off whatever your child wiped all over their T-shirt every day. Toss a few packets of these pocket-sized gems into their bag before the school day starts.

9. Zipit Monster Pencil Case ($8): Organize your preschooler’s pens, pencils, markers, and crayons with this adorable monster-themed case.

10. Contigo Kids Autoseal Gizmo Water Bottle ($35 for three): Make sure that your child stays hydrated during the school day with this hard-to-spill water bottle. Fill it up, pop it in their pack, and you’ll have peace of mind in knowing that they’ll have fresh water to sip during lunchtime, playtime, or any other time. Having two extra bottles will make it easy to rotate in a clean bottle every day — or even to keep a spare in the car.

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