When spring begins to turn to summer, many of us turn to short hairstyles. This is especially so for those of us who live in humid climates, where the best low-maintenance ‘do is often chopped locks. While it’s a common worry that taking the short-hair plunge will leave you with few styling options, it’s so not true! We are here to prove naysayers wrong. Whether you already have short hair or you’re considering getting yours cut, here are 16 short hairstyles, including updos, that show short is sweet.

Contrary to popular opinion, we short-haired lasses can rock some stylish locks, including intricate braided updos. Shorties get all the perks of a no-fuss cut, while still being able to class it up for special occasions. The proof? We’ve curated 73 of the most pin-worthy short hairstyles — including short lobs and bobs that will have you baring your neck to the clippers. A short-hair braided crown like the one shown here is really simple to pull off. We parted the hair to the side and began a typical Dutch braid, which is a sort of inside-out version of a french braid. When we got it to the point where we couldn’t add more hair into the braid, we switched to standard braiding until we reach the ends, then tied off with a small elastic. We repeated this on the opposite side, until we had two side braids plus a section of hair still left to braid in the back. Using our fingers, we loosened up the braids just a tad, to give the crown more volume. Then we braided the back section, rolled and pinned. See this short-hair braided updo tutorial for details.

Tip: Second-day hair actually braids more easily, due to the accumulation of natural oils. If your hair is on the fine side, apply some dry shampoo. It will help the braids lock and it will add volume.

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