We’re not shy about our obsession with red lips. Besides being a classic makeup look with the ability to polish any outfit (even your weekend sweats), the bright hue also acts as a glam pick-me-up — swipe it on, you feel instantly swankier. But even your most solid standbys need to be switched up every once in a while. That’s where this red lip alternative comes into play: purple lips. Currently trending all over Instagram, this darker, bolder lipstick hue can read so many ways — perky + pretty, edgy + fierce, moody + cool — packing that much more personality into your getup in a totally unexpected way. Scroll through to see nine of our favorite Instababes rocking the lipstick trend you need to try when you’re SO over red lips.


1. @thecyberwitch: It’s hard not to fall in love with Passion’s berry-stained lips. The color is the perfect complement to her brassy hair and brown mani. (Photo via @thecyberwitch)


2. @flashesofstyle: Bonnie is not shy to add a little glamour to her life with her pointed dark nails and matching dark lipstick. Mermaid waves and a teddy bear coat don’t hurt the vibe, either. (Photo via @flashesofstyle)


3. @gabifresh: Gabi is looking fierce with her tight curls and purple lips that seem to stand out even more above the gleam of her shiny statement necklace. (Photo via @gabifresh)


4. @megandeangelis: Fishy kisses are all the rage when you match your sunnies to your purple lipstick. (Photo via @megandeangelis)


5. @keikolynn: Berry purple and chocolate brown might not seem like most natural pair, but the duo is all the rage this season. Take it from Keiko who’s reinventing what a daytime makeup look means for cool girls. (Photo via @keikolynn)


6. @lovelypepa: Alexandra is showing plenty of love with her kissable purple lips. Add some textured spray to your hair and fill in your brows for quick out-the-door look. (Photo via @lovelypepa)


7. @tarenguy: Taran might feel all cozy and warm, but her lip game is on fire. The combo of her plum lip, thick eyeliner and dark brows make her look super sophisticated. (Photo via tarenguy)



8. @juleytl: Juley is doing nerdy chic *so* right with her top-knot bun, dark sweater and purple lip. With just purple nails to to tie the look together, you really don’t need much to mimic this layback look. (Photo via @juleytl)

What lipstick color do you wear when you’re so over red? Show us how you rock dark purple lips by tagging us on Instagram.