It seems like a lot things have been making us look lately! From a light-up sculptural bench to a coffee table and magazine rack in one to the best pumpkin carvings EVER, the Internet is a flurry of inspiring stuff. And today’s find is no exception. It’s a metal plate that you turn into a 3D bowl.

Aptly called PUSH, each piece starts out as a flat metal plate. Once you get your hands on it, you can transform (read: push) it into a bowl for organizing anything you like. Does this concept make no sense to you? Same! But it does make for a beautiful custom piece, formed by you.

Choose between one large circle or a trio of smaller ones, depending on what you need. We love the idea of using one of these to organize craft supplies when you’re in the middle of a project. In fact, they would definitely make for a gorgeous materials shot at the beginning of a DIY tutorial, don’t you think?

PUSH comes in copper, stainless steel, and brass. The single plate goes for $22 while the trio is $25. All in all, pretty darn affordable for such a unique, conversation-worthy piece.

It’s ideal for storing jewelry or other small items.

Rice balls? No problem! :)

What do you think of PUSH? Would you use it to organize your odds and ends? Have you played with any other malleable metal objects? Talk to us in the comments below.