“I just really love shopping for jeans,” said no one ever. Right up there with swimsuits, the jeans category has got to be one of the most despised for women everywhere. There are just so many sizing variables — waist, hips, thighs, butt, calves. It’s enough to make anyone flee to yoga pants on the daily. But Qcut is here to change all of that, not with universal jeggings, but with 400 sizes of jeans. Go ahead and catch your breath.

Designed to fit 99% of women, these made-to-order pantaloons could be the answer to our denim woes. Even if you find a great-fitting pair of jeans from, say, Levi’s, where you’re a size 8, chances are you won’t be a size 8 at Madewell or Anthropologie. With Qcut, sizes go beyond your basic length/waist measurements.

Qcut is about to appease 400 different sizes of women by avoiding mass production. Each pair of jeans is made to order after you input your height, weight, bra size and foot size. Foot and bra sizes may seem irrelevant, but along with these numbers come reliable statistics that can accurately predict your other measurements via an algorithm. Yup, we’re in the age of jean algorithms.

These jeans are being Kickstarted into production until December 3. For a $110 pledge, you can get a perfect pair of indigo, mid-rise, straight-cut jeans that are unique to you. With successful funding, full retail will be $170-$200, which is probably just slightly more than what you’re paying for jeans that kinda sorta fit you.

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(h/t Fast Company)