Potential scenario: You bought a pair of pants you thought you were going to L-O-V-E, but after just a few wears, you realized you’re not so keen on them. You know what they need? Probably studs, maybe some puff paint and perhaps even a little trim from a pair of scissors. Ready to resurrect what once was loved and now is regulated to the depths of your closet? Well, good. Because what we’ve got in store for you are the best ways to give your pants the most epic DIY upgrades.

1. Lipstick Kisses Printed Jeans: Excuse us while we kiss our own… pants. We heart this DIY so hard. Mwah! (via Love Maegan)

2. Leopard Print Short Shorts: We’ve been talking about festival wear for a while, and since you’ve probably already got your headbands and other boho babe accessories, now it’s time to get on DIYing this pair of totally wild shorts. Rock on, you party animal you. (via Because I’m Addicted)

3. Embroidered Jean Shorts: Don’t deny it. You had a pair of Calvin Klein mom jeans circa 1995. Well, right about now is when you’re going to want to pull them out, give them a simple embroidery job and wear them with honor once again. (via Mallory Makes Things)

4. Zipper Ankles: Skinny jeans are still all the rage, but with the return of highwaisted pants, we have no doubt that bootcut will be back in style before long… and then five years down the road, hello skinny again. Learn this DIY. It will serve you well through the roller coaster ride of style. (via Brit + Co.)

5. American Flag Cuffs: Our 2014 Fourth of July outfit? Planned a whole three months in advance thank you very much. (via Free People)

6. Color Blocked Pockets: This is stupidly easy. In only 15 minutes you can have color blocked pockets. We’re kicking ourselves for not hacking it first. (via Belrossa)

7. The Lace Insert: A lacey look that’s as white hot as white denim is this year. (via Refinery29)

8. Update Your Cutoffs: Free People is just killing it when it comes to upgrades on pantalones. We’re totally down with adding some quilted fabric to a pair of old denim cutoffs. (via Free People)

9. Ombre Jeans: What?!?! You don’t have a pair of ombre pants in your closet? You best be doing something about that this weekend. (via The Work Is Getting to Me)

10. Leopard Print: Yes, one more leopard tutorial. But rather than using a stencil like in the previous animal-focused option, this tutorial teaches you how to draw leopard spots freehand. So basically, you’ll be a bona fide artiste when you finished up here. (via Mr. Kate)

11. Studded Cuffs: There’s no faster and better way to take a pair of old jeans from daytime humdrum to glitzy night on the town than with two pockets full of studs. (via Forever 21)

12. Happy Pants: You have a favorite pair of jeans and, we hate to be morbid, but one of these days, those jeans are going to have something tragic happen to them. In the knee, in the butt, in the thigh, somewhere, they’re going to have a blowout. Rather than taking them to the thrift store to let someone else make them all shiny and new again, show them that you heart them with a little patch. See? Things are better already. (via 11 Eureka)

13. Isabel Marant Renell Hack: Printable iron-on Aztec design and puff paint FTW. (via A Pair and A Spare)

14. Mask + Paint: Um, hell yes you are the most stylish rider at your SoulCycle class. Ride on! (via Kollabora)

15. Animal Stencil Statement: And right in time for spring, this DIY comes hopping onto the scene. (via A Beautiful Mess)

16. Splatter Pants: A hack that’s incredibly messy in the most satisfying way possible. There are no wrong answers here. (via Runway DIY)

17. Tribal Painted Pants: White denim, refashioned into two-toned denim… yeah, we could get on board with that. (via Why Buy It? DIY It.)

18. Cool Jeans: Everyone in the Brit + Co. office is wearing these right now. Yes, even the men. (via Emerja)

19. Zig Zag Cutout: Reserved for only the boldest of DIYers. (via Nylon)

20. Cutout Pants: If you’re going to start cutting up that denim, you might as well take it all the way up the leg. (via Le Blog)

21. Color Blocked Pants: We’ve done our own little hack on this tutorial, but we’re kind of keen on this one by Erica at Honestly WTF. Gotta give props where props are due. (via Honestly WTF)

22. Tie-Dyed Leggings: With this tutorial, you are in complete control of your own destiny. Choose your colors wisely. (via Martha Stewart)

23. Studded Denim: Because really, there can never be too many ways to use studs on denim. (via Swell Mayde)

24. Polka Dot: Sometimes the simplest idea is the best idea. (via Brit + Co.)

How will you be upgrading your underwear covers? Let us know in the comments below!