Queer Eye season 2 is on its way! Interior designer Bobby Berk, culture expert Karamo Brown, fashion guru Tan France, food pro Antoni Porowski, and grooming genius Jonathan Van Ness will be back on Netflix with eight new episodes on June 15.

The show’s Twitter account posted a teaser for the new season that plays out like a group text among the Fab Five. After a series of messages and emojis, France sends his Queer Eye BFFs a link to a Netflix promo announcing the premiere date, complete with a shower of confetti.

“Who gave us permission?” the Queer Eye account captioned the video. “New episodes June 15.”

In honor of the new season, Entertainment Weekly sat down with the Fab Five to discuss the show, and found out that France, who is Muslim and lives in Utah with his husband, almost turned down the opportunity to be a part of it. “I felt a lot of pressure,” he admitted. “I hadn’t seen any people like me on TV before, and I definitely didn’t want to be the first one. I didn’t want that responsibility on my head.” Ultimately, of course, he decided to accept the gig, and he now says, “I couldn’t be more grateful.”

His costars view the experience fondly, too. Porowski said there’s been an “outpouring of people coming up and thanking all of us and just getting really emotional” — which can be overwhelming for him at times. “I’m a very sensitive person, I take all that stuff in,” he explained. “But it’s hard to do it on a street when it’s somebody random who you’ve never met before. … So I would keep all of it bundled up in my heart, and I would just come home and wail-cry into my pillow because it’s… [pauses as his voices quivers and he tears up] it’s been really beautiful. It’s just so much bigger than all of us.”

Queer Eye season 2 will hit Netflix on June 15.

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(photo via Gavin Bond/Netflix)