Pickling, though one of the oldest known methods for preserving food, is NOT a lost art. It’s a fantastic way to use up summer produce and, best of all, pickled goods make for adorable holiday food gifts. Though canning seems wonderful in theory, it can be extremely time consuming and daunting. You can study a guide to canning and scribble up a list of pickled recipes, but actually putting the plan into action is a whole other story. WE FEEL YOU. That’s why we’ve got 17 quick pickle recipes that will preserve your produce AND save you hours of labor.

simply whisked

1. Quick Pickled Sweet Peppers: One of the best additions to a burger is a few (or many) rings of tangy pickled peppers. They’re also amazing on crackers, so really, there’s no reason you shouldn’t have these at your disposal at all times. (via Simply Whisked)

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2. Quick Pickled Veggie Salad: These punchy pickled veggies are perfect on their own, but they can also jazz up tacos, sandwiches, burgers and salads. They’re light on the vinegar and 100% kid approved, which, if you have kids, you already know is no easy feat. (via Little Big H)

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3. Quick Pickled Red Onions: There’s a good reason red onions are one of the most sought-after quick pickles out there. Not only do pickled red onions add a gorgeous pop of fuchsia to your nosh, but they add a delectable punch of flavor too. (via Noming Thru Life)

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4. Quick Pickled Blackberries: It’s not often you see fruits being pickled, but we’re happy to let you know that this is a thing — a very delicious thing. Pickled blackberries offer a balance of sweet and savory, making them perfect for grain bowls and cheese platters alike. (via With Food and Love)

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5. Quick Pickled Garlic Scapes: Not sure how to use those garlic scapes? NBD — scapes make for a fantastic pickled veg. They’re crunchy, earthy and garlicky, giving them the essence of a pickled garlic green bean. Plan to make extra, because these are a highly addictive snack. (via Spoontang Kitchen)

CLoves and Caramel

6. Sweet and Spicy Pickled Cherries: Could anything sound more divine than sweet and spicy cherries? This brine brings star anise and fennel seeds into the mix for depth of flavor, and the sweetness of the cherries plays off of the tart red wine vinegar beautifully. (via Cloves and Caramel)

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7. Quick Pickled Shrimp: Whether it’s for brunch, lunch or an appetizing first course, these brightly flavored pickled shrimp are a wonderful way to take advantage of fresh and local seafood if you’re living the coast life and have access to it. (via Kitchen Dreaming)

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8. Quick Pickle Fall Vegetables: We might not want to admit that fall is around the corner, but it is. On the bright side, we have this punchy Mexican-Jewish recipe to look forward to. With a salty punch from the brine and a spicy flair from the jalapeños, these pickled veggies are seasonal and a cinch to make. (via At the Immigrant’s Table)

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9. Quick Pickled Peppers: Blending spicy and sweet flavors together in a brine is a total dream. Add to that a crispy and crunchy texture, and you’re headed straight for pickled pepper heaven. These little rings are a fab addition to hors d’oeuvres and sandwiches — if you don’t devour them all straight from the jar first, that is. (via Cookie + Kate)

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10. Quick Sweet Refrigerator Pickles: If you’re like us, pickles are a *mega* weakness for your tastebuds. Extra pickles on all the things; extra pickles on the side! Might as well just whip up a bunch of little jars and carry pickles with us at all times. (via Pip and Ebby)

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11. Quick Pickled Red Cabbage and Carrots: You can easily liven up everyday dishes with this crisp and zesty condiment. Want to fancy up your hot dogs? No problem. Add some brightness to your avocado toast? Done. The options are endless, so be creative! (via Two of a Kind Cooks)

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12. Pickled Beets: If you’re a beet lover, you need these pickled beets in your life. With a basic brine, these bad boys are ready to go in just 30 minutes. Toss them into your fave salad, heap them on a burger or enjoy them on their own. Just be smart and don’t wear white. (via 1 Big Bite)

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13. Quick Pickled Spiralized Cucumbers and Zucchini: Please excuse us as we lose our collective minds over these gorgeous and springy cukes and zukes. Not only will they add a sweet, sour and briny flavor to your favorite noms, but they’ll look amazing while doing it! (via The Foodie Corner)

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14. Moroccan Pickled Eggplant: These beautiful violet eggplants are simmered in a savory pickling liquid until they are melt-in-your-mouth tender. The result is a tangy treat that complements almost any meal — especially Middle Eastern eats like chicken shawarma. (via Feasting at Home)

Quite Good Food

15. Marinated Button Mushrooms: You can layer all of the meats and cheeses in the world onto a platter, but one thing stands true — no antipasto spread is complete without tender marinated button mushrooms. (via Quite Good Food)

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16. Carrot Quick Pickle With Ginger: Carrot and ginger pair wonderfully together; we’re no strangers to carrot and ginger soup. The earthy, spicy flavors of the pairing are also wonderful pickled, resulting in vibrant orange ribbons that bring a sweet and sour touch to any meal. (via Chocolate and Zucchini)

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17. Crispy Quick Pickled Radishes: Radishes are bomb on salads and tacos, but because we must buy them by the bunch, sometimes it feels like we end up with way too many of them. Luckily, radishes are just as good (if not better) pickled. (via Green Thumb White Apron)

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