We’ve seen chairs inspired by picture frames, chairs that double as hangers and even a super creepy chair that uses your legs to stand up. But this seat inspired by a wheelbarrow is a first. And while that description might paint a much more rustic picture, this piece of modern furniture is sleek, sophisticated and topping our WANT list.

At first glance you’d probably never guess the standard gardening tool and this modern lounge chair have anything in common. But take a closer look at this design, which has been dubbed the Rapide, and you might start to see things a little differently. The chair, created by ONEMANDUO for Estonian company Borg, adds a functional element we hardly ever see in modern furniture. This isn’t just a decoration for your sitting room people.

The two wooden wheels and handle on the back allow the chair to be pushed or pulled anywhere you please — just like a wheelbarrow. We don’t necessarily think we’ll be lugging this to the park on a Saturday, but it would be great for comfy backyard reading, sunbathing or to help you switch things up in your small space whenever you please.

We’re all about this idea, but sadly it’s not for sale quite yet. The chair recently went on display at London’s 100% Design but there’s no mention of a launch date yet. Looks like you might just have to figure out some kind of wheelbarrow chair DIY project in the meantime. Oh, the possibilities…

What’s your take on this quirky chair? Do you think it’s useful or just plain silly?

(h/t Design Milk)