After days and days of digging through flea markets, perusing thrift shops and visiting vintage stores, you’ll come to the realization: It’s beyond hard to find a good pair of vintage jeans. If you are lucky enough to come across a perfectly worn-in pair of jeans that fits you like a glove, congrats. You’ve basically won the denim lottery. We know the thrill of the hunt is fun to some, but for the rest of us there’s RE/DUN.

RE/DUN is a new online retailer that sources vintage Levi’s and refashions them into modern-cut, high-quality and semi-vintage looks that are already worn (with tears, bleach stains and all). Each pair is hand picked from a rag house and flown to the RE/DUN warehouse in LA, where they’re taken apart at the seams and resewn into one of two styles — relaxed straight or straight skinny.

Because each pair is unique, quantities are limited. The site launched at the end of July and in its first week, 50 pairs of jeans were released. The denim is sourced from eras spanning the ’50s all the way to the ‘00s.

When you get to the website, enter your size. Anything available in your size will pop up. Each pair of pants comes with a little history lesson — details on where they were originally made, what city they came from and a few more measurements to ensure a perfect fit. This is what makes RE/DUN so cool. Not only are they taking vintage ill-fitting jeans and repurposing them into modern marvels for you, but they’re also giving you a bit of a backstory — and that’s something you just can’t find at Goodwill.

Each style costs around $230, but considering you’re getting vintage made-in-America dungarees that are already broken in, plus free shipping and free returns, the price sounds about right.

Where is your favorite pair of jeans from? Do you have a vintage jean-finding and buying trick? Let us know in the comments!

(h/t Fashionista)