A lot of us are bookworms from wayyy back. We stayed up all night reading Harry Potter (and still squeal every time JK throws us a bone). We wanted to start our own babysitters club (though who knows if Kristy and the gang would have approved of these photoshopped pics). In some way or another the books we loved as kids can even influence the books we dig as an adult. It was nice to grow up in a time when kids lit was taken so seriously and we even had a few TV shows that fueled our obsession (shout out to Story Time, Magic School Bus, and mother flipping Wishbone). The OG of all these booky shows was Reading Rainbow. Hosted by LeVar Burton this one was not only special for showing us cool new books but also helping us explore new cultures and representing diversity.


If you were juiced when we told you RR was coming back in app form via Kickstarter you’ll get twice as high when you hear that next month volume one will be streaming on Netflix. Starting August 1 you’ll be able to binge watch season one of the show. If you’ve forgotten season one (because you were remembering to pay rent or file taxes or other dumb adult stuff) here are some highlights of things to be excited for:

Guest stars include Madelin Kahn, Lou Rawls, Phylicia Rashid, Julia Child and Patrick Stewart

There’s the infamous episode about how babies are made (in case you still don’t know)

LeVar is at maximum Roots/Star Trek hotness

Koko the gorilla makes an appearance AKA turns everyone into an ugly heap of “OMG GORILLAS FEEL PAIN” feels

It’s exciting to see a program that mixes literacy and cultural diversity making such a big comeback. Can’t wait to watch it with the children in our lives… JK we’re gonna have a date with a pint of ice cream and a glass of pink wine and make this ish a marathon!

But don’t take our word for it ;)

What’s your favorite kid’s book? Tell us in the comments!