When a couple from Switzerland (Erica + Hannes) was asked to babysit their friend’s six month-old baby Alex, they were nervous. Watching a youngin’ isn’t a party, after all and the couple was given an “extensive briefing” on babysitting, according to Buzzfeed, from Alex’s worried parents. What little Al’s ‘rents would soon find out is that not only was their bundle of joy in good hands, he was in very, very creative hands. To show the parents how serious they were about Alex’s safety, Erica and Hannes imagined insane scenarios in which they would have to become super hero caregivers. In case you were wondering, THIS is what happens when you hire babysitters who are also master Photoshoppers:

While the two parents (Andre + Nati) were at a wedding, they received hourly updates from their friends and their sweet baby boy. Little did Andre and Nati know, but their friends were also saving their son from a variety of wild animals.

Using their mad Photoshop skillz, Erica and Hannes did a shoot with baby Alex, placing predators like a shark, a T-Rex and a cobra in harms way.

It’s true: Jaws lives in a tiny little stream in Switzerland.

WWTBCD = What Would the Babysitter’s Club Do?!

We’ll see if Erica and Hannes get asked to watch Alex ever again, but by then, there will probably be a wait list to put your little one in their creative care ;)

What do you think about Hannes and Erica’s adventures? Any Photoshop-wielding babysitters out there? Share your cutest kiddy photo shoot below!

(h/t Buzzfeed)