So you have a shiny new diamond on your left hand; congrats! Now that the bubbly has been popped and the news spread, it’s time to get to the fun part of planning. Over the next few months you’ll be tasked with everything from picking out the perfect linens to finding a DJ who will bring it on the dance floor. With so many big decisions ahead of you, we’re here (just like a trusty bridesmaid!) to help with Real Brides Ask, a new series that tackles your toughest bridal questions.


“How can I help my MOH plan for a bachelorette party that everyone will have fun at?” — Carolyn C., Los Angeles, CA

The big details are booked. You have your bridal party ready to go. Now it’s time to look forward to a fun weekend away from it all — the bachelorette party! Showers and speeches aside, this is a special time for you to celebrate your final single-lady days leading up to your new life. If you can’t decide between a low-key gathering or a destination getaway, there are a few ways to ensure *everyone* has fun (yes, even your pregnant SIL). Nikki Clause, founder of bachelorette planning service Fling Before The Ring, shares her must-know tips to relay to your MOH, bestie, or whoever is in charge of the main event. (Even if you’re not planning, it never hurts all to be on the same page, right?!) Scroll below to see her expert info.

Bachelorette Party Ideas

1. Don’t procrastinate. Whether you’re planning on clubbing in South Beach or spending the weekend at a remote family cabin, Clause advises securing a date at least three months in advance. “It gives girls the chance to prepare for travel and request off from work,” she says. Consider picking a few weekends that work for you and passing them along to the gal leading the festivities to give attendees options that everyone can work with.

2. Be upfront and transparent about the budget. Are you expecting to pay for your getaway? Are your girls covering your meals and flight? Once you’ve passed along your invite list, be sure to express any budgetary ideas you have in mind. “Although spending money is never a fun topic, it can save you from a lot of headaches later on down the road,” recommends Clause.

3. Tap into someone who knows your destination city well. Not sure where to start? Can’t seem to get the consensus on one spot? The party planning expert advises to reach out to a friend who lives in that city to get the scoop, like where the best late-night bars or brunch spots are. Recruiting a pro can also help you narrow down some ideas while keeping your organizing ducks in a row.

4. Always revert back to the bride’s style when planning an itinerary. It’s *so* easy to get caught up trying to please the group. But sticking to YOUR unique style should be the focus of the day(s). Keep that in mind and tell your MOH to ask herself, “Can I picture my bestie doing this?” throughout the planning process.

Bachelorette Party

5. Let your crew surprise you. Sure, it can be normal for you to want to be involved, but leave it to the ladies (or gents) that know you best to make you feel special. Things like hotel goodie bags, complimentary champagne to the table, favors, or quirky group actives (line dancing, anyone?) are fun surprises worth being in the dark for.

6. Come prepared. Maybe this is an obvious one, but delegate someone to anticipate the unexpected. Things like checking the weather, or even having a generous stash of Advil available, will help keep the weekend running smoothly — yours included!

7. Plan for downtime. Go with the flow. The host’s job? Making sure there’s enough free time planned between outings to relax and let the group recharge. “You also never know what cool bar or shop you might randomly stumble across and have to check out,” says Clause. On you? Realizing that some things simply won’t go as planned, but having a good attitude about it to keep the train running. “I mean you’re on vacation with your best gal, so how bad can it really be?!” says Clause.

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